Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Do you really want to be and are you ready to be married? Best think about it before you dive in. The cement bottom hurts.

Do you really want or need to Be married, and are you truly ready to be married. Is she really the one, or just a vision from a few barley pops? 
I recently went through the wringer here over this condition. After the better part of 21 years of trucking life's highway solo, I decided it was time to search for a potential mate. After all at the time of decision, I was just approaching 57 mile marker on that life highway, didn't want to die all alone, and the thought of having a warm body next to me as I slept was a grand idea. 
So one grand evening, was hauling the cyber super slab, saw this chick on a fan page of a TV show I have based much of my flying and radio career on. So with the concept of writing up a pilot script to submit to the execv producer of that show, this one gal, from Florida said she could write. Thinking of a blonde blue eyed beauty that is the common vision of honeys from the Sunshine state, I dove in and invited her out here, to help write the script. Over a super short online and me paying for a bus ticket, out she came. It wasn't more than two weeks that I realized that because of prior relationships, mental illness' and much more, that we both were not ready to be together under the same roof, and more over not ready to be married to each other. A one bedroom apartment was part of it, but hey on my credit of about 517, trying to build a business of a mc shop/towing service and of course my duties to the club, money was shall we say strained. This is a part of the lets get hitched situation. Love of each other is one thing and yes the right couple can over come that, but if the thought of Love really is nothing more than just a light crush, money and finances can really put the binders on a relationship. 
I feel pretty qualified any more about commenting on this subject as I have been at the alter 3 times, and near it 2 others. The first one was right after I lost my own Mom in 1983. I met her through her mother, who I was really pursuing, but CiCi, needed a date for her Senior prom, Our garage band played the gig, and I danced with CiCi. Now CiCi was a heavy girl, not a cosmetic or super model type, but what she lacked there, she made up in being a person that could turn a wrench, drive, and she was in law enforcement as a member of the Mounted Patrol of Gooding County. We truly clicked, but then a half year after, the trustees of the Montgomery Foundation moved me to Boise. I went back into the Marines , but when I returned on Liberty, CiCi was gone. Two years after was prepping to go to Avionics school at Idaho State University met Suzi, the mother of my son, now turned dyke. That would have worked but she was a 12 year old in a 24 year old's body. Parental influence created a rough sea, so she and I broke, and I'm only reminded of that when I pay child support. A year after the same people that introduced me to Suzi, introduced me to a gal named Marla from Irrigon Oregon. The only thing that killed that was my reluctance to move from Idaho to Oregon. Then finally in 1992 I met Janice, through a mutual friend. I called her Monkee from the rock song Monkee on my back. Only in this case it was a good monkee on my back. The difference and what made Monkee and I click is we could finish our own sentences. I truly loved and in a way still do. When I look at the quilts although badly wearing thin, she made by hand for me, or the shirts that barely if at all still fit, I remember Monkee. The thing that broke us up was my own infidelity, I made out with a massage parlor tech, and told Monkee about it , mostly I could not lie to her. She is what brought me to Evanston in the first place. 
Lets get past that, are you really wanting to be married? Are you ready to have all those hidden things, that YOU forget she goes through everyday? That during the month there's that invasion that arrives each month, and my she sure gets emotional, toilet paper if you run out of feminine pads is used faster that Boss Hogg eating raw liver, in fact emotions are greater with women than for men at least most of the time. Can you live with that. Everything you buy is now bought for two, there is no book or instructional manual, for couples. The few so called experts that offer advice really have no real idea . Is the situation your entering into stable? If your one that deals with women are a constant in your vocation, like mine is casting for on film and TV talent , etc, can your beloved look past initial thoughts or help in helping you to truly find that talent. If you do find a talent, like I did, here; like Lexi, strictly business, but the gal from Florida that I brought out here, got extremely jealous, even though I had no romantic intentions towards Lexi. I just thought it was funny that she had the same partial name as my tow truck, and two both looks and brains she would be my best choice for my 1st in command officer here in Evanston. But nope the little green monster moved in and ultimately destroyed much if not all of what could be. 
Are you financially capable of being married? I don't know how many times I have seen a marriage come apart, due to lack of funds. If your too pour to take her dancing on the weekend, your really headed towards the cliff of divorce, or a serious breakup. Are you so busy building YOUR career that you ignore her? If so, again your headed to that sharp drop off cliff. 
Finally if your picking your future wife, from what she looks like through a few glasses of whiskey , or what you think she should be from visions on TV, your not ready to be married, and shouldn't be. 
More on the air tonight. on; . Now before I get this next question asked again. The reason I spell my company and radio show as RODE rather than ROAD, is very simple. It started, from a quick glimpse on the Dukes of Hazzard. On one episode, Boss Hogg called his trucking company Rode Hogg Trucking, the next time I saw it was the bar on TV of the Blue Collar Comedy tour with Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy. The place was called, The Rode House. 

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