Thursday, May 5, 2016

Early morning most of the day party meeting in Utah

Had a great day today and I'm in current recovery. Too bad our new Intern here was not with me, she would have had a great chance of meeting and visiting other club members. Went into my classes at Salt Lake Community College, where Harley Davidson, through UTI/MMI was giving dealer management and service training for upcoming Harley dealers and factory authorized service shops like us at Hazzard County Choppers. After which of course the Utah Charter of the Knytes met at our club station called Utah Knytes Hall, there in Kearns, Utah. While the club met and drank I can't count how many barley pops I consumed, there were many items discussed as we met, many are still concerned about the ongoing troubles of the sub charter here in Evanston, Wyoming. Taken off the board was the idea of making Evanston Wyoming becoming the clubs central HQ. That will be formed in Tooele Utah in late 2017. However there is the Boars Nest here, which is still a go, pending the human resources problem being resolved. As far as the radio station? Still a go, again though is the wonder of the lack of putting someone on air as well as someone else in charge of it. As of today, still being VP of the Utah/Idaho Charter of the Knytes, I'm no longer involved in all of the hiring human resources half. I will supervise and advise, but I will no longer recruit, anyone. I'm just too upset, and hurt by the lack of qualified people to place in that spot. I'll be on air, just not in the human resources department. 
The meeting continued on as we evaluated the Sub Charter. Membership pledges are lower this year than previous years. So we are out getting new blood in the club, not an easy task. 
When you go to such places as Idaho or Utah and see the growth, and progress being done there, and you touch down here in rural Evanston, you start to scratch your head and wonder why can't Evanston, get off its stuck up, stand offish attitude and welcome in new sources of commerce and business? Granted when I got here in late 2014, after I had years prior said I'm no longer going to reside in Evanston, I ran into a problem. Finding temp housing at Yellow Creek Estates, no AllWest, so had to contract with NGL a wireless internet company here. The gal who got us started or signed us up, did a heck of a job, so I blogged on that, saying she was a great front desk person. That she was cute enough to be on a magazine and was pro business. Of course that did not register right with the owners of NGL, so at the end of December 2014, even though I paid for my service by credit card, the same day, they pulled my service, came out with the Sheriffs office took back their equipment, and to date refuse to resign with us. One of the people that worked there then, started a Temp employment service, here. To whit our real estate go to person Pam, suggested I consult this guy to find the human resources we need. Wrong. Not only wont I do business with any part or anyone connected with NGL, the entire thing suggests and begs the question why here? Three reasons, I-80, Highway 150, Highway 189. All three direct runs to Sturgis and a low cost alternative land price wise, to metro Utah. Plus outside of all the assholes of Evanston, there are some great people, here. Also I like being able to go out on my patio, look out and see mule deer, go out to our shop, and visit with the morning doves, the small wolf pack out there along with my Wolfdog, and being alone and content. 
Of course yesterday was tragic, but hey, working with and for a part outlaw biker club, is not for everybody. As we say it, if you don't ride , you wont understand. 
Any mile, going in to take my afternoon nap, so I can be on air, maybe our Intern will be here, most likely not, but I'll be in here starting at 01:00AM on 

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