Saturday, May 14, 2016

The little Boy with the wagon full of Mormon puppies

There was a young male youth in a majority LDS, community. He had acquired a litter of puppies. So he loaded them up and paraded them right by a LDS Church. The sign on the side, of the red wagon said, FREE MORMON PUPPIES, the Bishop of the Ward, came over and said, isn't that nice. a few weeks after the same little boy pulling his way past the same Church building, paused and out came the same Bishop, but this time the sign on the side of the wagon read; FREE Amalgamated Church of Dixie Puppies, so the same Bishop, asked the little boy why he changed his sign? The boy simply responded, "well a few weeks ago, the puppies eyes had not been opened yet" . The thing is , while I learn much from the lessons and teachings of the services, Prophets and all, still all too few talks in Sunday services are really meant. There's always the Oh the Bishop caught me off guard so I' got tricked into giving a talk, or someone being a bit upset that they just might should carry out a calling, like Home Teaching, or visiting ward members, and for heck sake making you feel welcome at sacrament meeting or classes. Do you feel pushed aside when it comes to being asked to give the opening or closing prayer? When you explain you haven't fuel to even go to meetings on Sunday, but no response. 
Don't get me wrong, I truly love as a person and human brother my Bishop, and two of his staff, and one family of our Ward, that's why I go to church when I can afford to, but the rest of the congregation , forget about it. I have gotten a lot of financial and spiritual help , from my Bishop, but how about an occassional visit to talk about some of the emotional difficulties I have went through over loosing, by choice, but still loosing a potential mate. When was the last time and something related here in a few , but when has the Elders, or Teachers of the Priesthood has offered to go out to my shop, clean it up or put time on my tow truck so I can get in gear to make my own money? Not one. Yet, a member of the Amalgamated Church Of Dixie congregation in Idaho , had no problem, putting on some coveralls and coming over to work on the truck. 
I still will go to our local Ward when I can afford to, but , I will also be holding meetings of the Amalgamated Church of Dixie out at the shop as well. Bring you Bibles.

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