Monday, May 9, 2016

Yesterday was fun, yea right and to Beaver Dick, I'd like to see you do what I do, for what I get out of it money wise.

Did someone say Sunday's were the day of rest and reflection, to worship and honor? If they did that magic steed flew right over the Wolf's Lair. Hell I didn't get to see my bed until 15:00 and even then it took the intervention of our local Police to do it. Seems that witch from Florida, for some odd unknown reason still has the hots for the old Wolf here. Not that I'm any great prize. Not demeaning myself or anything, but I'm certainly not Mr. GQ, I dress in what ever rags I can get ahold of, I drive what I can that will get me there, and Thankful it does, and because of a bunch of things including my investment in the club, I'm not exactly not bubbling over with green cash for my stash. Not doing bad, but there is so little wiggle room in extra bread that it makes old Abe's ears bleed when I squeeze that penny. So the Witch from Florida, kept texting, and texting and texting, finally after the texting started filling my inbox, on my cell, and that getting rather abusive, see women, it doesn't just happen to you, I finally called our local constabulary, who called her and the phone got remarkably quiet. So I crawled in bed, out went my lights, and did open em up until 22:30 . Only then, needed feeding. So I looked in on our RodeWolfFM channel on Livestream which still has some bugs in it, Jordan get your tech people to fix this will you? Any mile see our friend and obstructionist Beaver Dick in there croaking about lack of dedication to RodeWolfFM. My answer is simply, hey , Beaver Dick lets see you do what I do with the limited cash we have to do it with. Lets see you program 9 channels, on Livestream and keep them LIVE and still try to sell advertising both national as well as local, run a bike and truck shop, and rebuild a towing service. Let's see YOU find honey's for money to come into studio, to sit down and do a show. Sorry and if I'm wrong here, tell Sammi sorry she lost her job there BD. But I want to see someone else do this, and still buying a bar, check with Pam at Uinta Realty if you think I'm just barking, I want to see others do what I do, just to get hit in the head. 
The only reason, I'm not hitting a faster stride here, is I'm being catious on everything, because on Friday of this week at 10:00 I go to court, to answer a contempt of court order, or failure to acknowledge one. Depending on that if I'm still in the desert of the free, or in the cross bar motel, will dictate the expediancy of what happens to a bunch of things. Any help there Pam would be appreciated. 
Of course yesterday was Mothers Day, and I cried for much of the day, remembering all of the times both good and bad of my mother. Living in Hazzard, Idaho. And the farm we had there, and how I blindly allowed the trustees to just sell it out from under me, hey I was 23, in the Marines what the hell did I know? Moreover what could I do? Ultimately the club jumped in, and saved some of it, but the club members then were on ship and land in battle just as I was. 
Any way getting ready to fire things up at 10:00 hours for HazzardAyre Radio, 
But BD and all think you can do this better , go ahead and try.

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