Monday, May 2, 2016

Space probe ready for launch but oops Houston we have a problem

So there I am, doing business with Pam our land gal pal, yet I was ever so attentive to this gal serving us. For no real reason, I could hear the the control tower below my belt buckle, " systems go, missle rising to launch point, looking for service countdown, oops , Houston we have a problem" Of which the growth under my BVD's began to relax. " Hey your here to do business, not hunt honeys" So I finished partly my steak, and spuds, and discussed the business at hand of buying a bar, and a possible place for Cooter's Grill & Bar here. Wanted to get into Pam with the ideas on the old City Hall building that Mr. Bliss owns across Harrison from Uinta Realty. Still I was enthrauled with the gal serving us, and for once it wasn't Lexi. I thought twice about ordering a barley pop or two, but from yesterday in the cases of getting back to the shop decided that being half looped was not a great idea. 
I often wonder if the same scenario happens to women. They meet a guy for business, but all of a sudden their shorts get damp, and the start to think of the guy they're doing business with in a whole different mindset? There's the old adage of the lightest thing on Earth is a mans equipment as it only takes a thought to lift it, question is; what does it take to light the flame of a woman? More over do women get afternoon or daytime fantasy thoughts, even while working? For a woman at least I would think, its easier to relieve the tension, but for us guys, its not always that easy to fix the need to breed. 
There's a reason I bring this up(no pun intended) and that is, I have an in studio on air audition here at the Lair. Question how deep do I probe to see what she's all about? Let you know at 17:00 Tuesday.

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