Friday, April 29, 2016

You don't count on nobody except yourself, it is a payday Friday

The one thing you get drilled into your head as a raw recruit, in the Marines, is this; Don't count, and don't expect help or anything from anybody else, except yourself. You really can't depend on no one. So today I went to Wells Fargo, here; and with the thought of pulling my entire account from there and a two hour gig with a banker and all the $229.00 for Shelly's bus ticket is back in my checking account. But I still think I ought to be paid back for all that I went through with her. From reduction of income due to not being able to be at the shop due to her keeping me up most nights, to the threats, and so on. Plus the fuel carting her all over town to see a bunch of head health professionals the list goes on. So I told her brother online that he'd ought to at least make sure I got the $400.00 I'm out for all of that back and I'd forget the rest. Oh sure at the last Shelly said she could cook, but she didn't mind being fed from McDonalds, Pizza-Hut, and so on, no she didn't care. Add to that all she did was sit in the Lair, on Facebook, and bitch about a Nicole Bryer that was giving her grief. The reality of it, Shelly thought she found a Sugar daddy, who would put up with her junk, when she found the sugar had conditions, she was pissed. Should have gave her the boot the first of April, but it took a month. Even my pal Rick said he thought she was really off center and goofy and that'd never last. 
She hardly if any cleaned the Lair, or even just went outside for a walk. Now will I ever see that $400.00 from her? I'd turn blue if I held my breath for that, am I glad as hell she's gone, bet your ass I am, then she had the gall to call me and tell me to let her go, that she'd met someone else, was happy and was engaged, to whit I say; shit I forgot her about the time I met Lexi, Two, let her go, I did that a week after she was here, as I was trying to be kind and attempt to get my money back from her. Three, I'd like to just tell her new guy, I wish him luck he'll need it. Course maybe he's insane as well since he fell for her. But at least this month , I can look in my bank account, even after paying both the Club, and Rick some of what I owe em both, and see I have some money in my account. 
So went to R&R Station, and chowed down, on the Junk Pile, although now we call the Junk Pile, Orgasm on a plate. It's that good.
Any mile , going in catching some zz's so as to be on air later, on HazzardAyre Radio, . To Shelly's brother Ken and all that, I let her go, and never, ever want to see her again.

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