Thursday, April 7, 2016

Just how well do you know the people you meet on Facebook or online? If it sounds good, it most likely ain't

Just how well do you know the people who you make friends with on Facebook? Or another online social get together site? I mean , do you really know them or, are they just some mystical person in the darkness of cyberspace? If you start a relationship there, should you bring them to you and have them move in, before you get to really know them? I did and my am I having a headache. Here's the story; Most of you know this by now, but for the few of you who don't, I'll uncork this bottle. 
I met on Facebook, a gal from down yonder in Florida. She says she's into Airwolf the TV show, not much but I thought something in common. So a bit more of investigative questioning , she tells me she's an accomplished, published writer and screen play writer. So needing a bit of aid on behalf of our two film projects, I invite her to come on out to dear sweet Evanston here. At first I thought she'd come on her own money, but she tells me that she's living with her ill mother and brother in the back yard of her Aunt and Uncle's. So feeling sorry and charitable, I spend some hard money on a bus ticket. So she get's here, steps off the bus, and being it was Sunday after numerous delays in her getting here, I now think 80% of that was bullstuff, but even though I found her a few quarts low and running on a stripped timing chain, thought at least hook up with her, have her clean house, and be a live in housekeeper. Lazy as hell, hardly picks up for herself, but worse yet, bitches at everything at the drop of a hat. I mean she'll go maybe a day and all is well, then its some crisis from some idiot she knows on FB and or the fact that I chat with hundreds if not thousands of hot women that model for the magazine and radio/tv station. So it came down to the, I can't do this no more department Wednesday night right after I watched the series finale of People against OJ Simpson, on FX. While not down and drag out it was bad. I'm a tow trucker, bike builder and pilot, part time broadcaster, I do not have the ability to be a social worker. I'm not a mental health crisis professional, nor do I have the remotest personal calamity counseling skills. So I called the local Police, one of my people on our local department shows up, I tell her what's up, she says they can't do anything except for me to find a way to ship her out of here. So, and I guess it is my responsibility since I brought her out here, to send her back. Here's the best pic I have, if you run into her online run away.
 Bottom line do you know who your chatting with on Facebook? My lesson here is I learned that unless you really know someone and they're local, that you see everyday, have coffee or break bread with, on a daily or weekly basis or see in Church, don't move them into your home. 
Taking the day off to fix this domestic situation, but will be back on the air Friday morning at 05:00 

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