Monday, April 25, 2016

Just live with them, don't marry them, Wives are disasters looking for happenings

If I've said it once, I'll say it again, women are nice to shack up with once in awhile, but to marry one is a real sense of disaster looking for a happening. If your just satisfying carnal needs, or an occasional sleep over its fine, most women stay in their corner, replenish their warpaint and make you happy. However to marry one or establish a home with one, your taking on not just them, but their emotional and mental baggage. That load is much too heavy, and in my opinion , should be avoided at all costs. Divorces are expensive, but in many cases worth it. No matter where you trace it back to, whether it be to Cain, or all the way back to Eve, women are the problem, or source of problems of our planet. Oh sure they can provide all kinds of benefits and advantages, So employing them in your business, or having them part of your company team is good, beyond that, I'd rather live alone, eat alone, sleep alone and die alone. If you think your ever going to not only hook up with much less marry a super fox, think again. All those super foxes are looking for is a guy with mucho money, not a life's companion. It just don't make any sense to marry a woman. 
The BoM as well as all church teachings say that there's a very special place for those that can't find and marry, I must have one helluva special place and reward. 
I'm feeling very blessed and a miracle took place as Heavenly Father heard my prayer, and got me from under what could have been a very bad situation. Plus I think Heavenly Father proved to me , that as much as I'd like to have a family and all, I'm not ready for such a responsibilty. Oh sure having a nice lady here for such things as my Birthday, that is this Wednesday, but likewise, I can go into the hills, blow off steam, and connect with nature. Who needs a woman for that? 

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