Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It really depends on the gender as to how well this kind of thing is successful.

Nobody is ignorant about the fact that the club, for and on behalf of its website, TV show, and all has been looking to hire modeling talent. Thing is I think, no, I know that the reluctance of any kind of involvement by anything female has to do with the fact that its ran by, hosted by and taught by, MEN. If a woman was running this, there would be women a mile long and 5 foot wide around the Lair. Despite the protection of that tiny flower between their legs, which is 90% of the reluctance its also that we are not on the LDS Seal of approval. Or anything close to it. Now let me extend this a bit further, to the health department.
A week or so ago, took Shelly up to see a team of head shrinks, to aid in her challenges. Guess what not only did she get in , but had an intake session right then and there. This is the same place I went to when I first touched ground here in Evanston, to get a refill for my prescription for Lithium. Do you know what? I'm still waiting for that return phone call. The difference? I'm a guy, Shelly is a wounded woman, and guess what she gets the help, I get dumped on the door sill. It's not just here, I have seen this kind of gender descrimination before. Dig this, back in 2011, just before the shot was fired that got HazzardAyre Radio going, I was in the part way process of  transfering my bank account and a few things. Okay I was starving, so went to the food bank in Buhl, Idaho. Here I am a full bird Marine Colonel, needing a box of food or at least a bit of grub, yet here came a Mexican lady with 5 not legal children, and who got the food? Yep you know, the Mexican lady. 
I also remember back in 1997/98 somewhere, we landed in Tooele Utah. Again poster girls were needed. So ad went in the paper and a few things online, although at the time my online ability was somewhat limited. Hardly any body of the female gender would show up at our quarters there. The Little Red Riding Hood, feared the Wolf as well as the Reaper. However, same ad, and all went in the same paper, once I got hooked to Eva Marie there, and we had no less that 10 women parading through her house a night. The difference, there appeared to be a SO in the house and in charge, so the female sect was not fearful. Which brings me to the thing of why, office or no office, if your hunting for female talent or to get women involved in a project, make sure you have another woman in charge first. Makes it easier. We now have one, I'll introduce you to her on air Saturday.

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