Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I just hate fronters, posers, and those not being at least civil

I got a feed from a gal at Walmart here in Evanston about a gal named Andrea, who might be interested in being an intern here at SSM. So I stay awake all damn day, after being on air all night Tuesday into Wednesday, morning then dealing with tech issues Wednesday morning oh yes , Happy Birthday to me. But here's the rub, if your not interested in a career opening with us or any company, and you make an appointment to interview, you should at least call or text and say something like, not today or not interested. Not just blow you off. These are some of the reasons I'm having serious concerns on operations here in this town. Maybe it's NOT the right place for this, and yes we'll get there, but for those who come to us later, the only meter they'll be seeing is:
Its just not cool, professional, nor business like to just blow off a career interview, more over don't call someone and say your going to be there, then not show up? This is why the Knytes and its group of companies succeed and others? Well they work for Walmart.

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