Thursday, April 7, 2016

How can someone be this mentally challenged and the Lexi saga goes on

First let me start off by saying , I'm not a computer wiz nor a tech geek. But I know how to use them. I'm not too swift on some things, but I did get through High School and 3 years of technology college, so I might have a slight edge, but Wednesday, I took Bubbleass to Wal-Mart to apply for a job there. For shits and giggles, I sat down, and tried it myself, and within 35 minutes I had mine finished. Shelly? Still was on just trying to set up a user name and password. I even had to sit down and do that for her. But this is not limited to the job app. Nope came home and was coaching her on Southern history. Still dumb as a box full of rocks. Going further, she had no idea about what the theory of the squeaky wheel gets the grease means. I mean, how damn isolated can one person be, let alone so ill equipped to deal with the real world, much less even on a simple basis? We're talking about a person that is mentally challenged here, and one that tries my patience. She is just plain not there. But add to that, she bitches about me having to recruit and hire someone to be my XO here at SouthernSteele Media/HazzardAyre Radio/TV. Why because Bubbleass, just does not have the marbles to do it, let alone run a bar, or two, and supervise everything. This all truly troubles me. So I'm moving in a female life coach that has the skills to teach Shelly to be a real person, not this shallow, intellectually challenged mid aged lady. I'd like to just stop, and move Shelly out, but Shelly, would starve and die on her own, and I have too big a heart, but I'm looking for a second human female personal needs partner here. I just need things done, that Shelly just can't and never will be able to do. 
Okay then, been trying to get in touch with Lexi, for the last several days, to no avail. Must have been I stumbled here and rushed too fast, that scared her or something. I'm for one, that true honesty goes a long way. In that if someone is not interested in a career opening with the club and one of our companies, that they should just say, or call, and say I'm not interested or, maybe later. Not just keep you hanging on line waiting. It must be a Marine thing, Marines believe in getting it done, no matter what, and do or die, no try, no maybe, it's do, or don't, no try.
More on ayre in the AM.
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