Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Anal Canal

It might be where you dispose of and unload shit, but , your butt is also a window that Doctors love to look up, and investigate your insides through. Nothing is as bad as having tubes stuck up your butt. Nothing, your there in a somewhat very prone posision and here's a very cute nurse, your staring at and yet your getting this TV camera stuck up your butt so the Doctors and all can peer into your anus to see if you have Cancers and other things. Of all the parts of your body, it seems that the anus is the one place your bodily secrets are revealed. From Prostate exams to what I had as a colonoscopy, your butt is the featured attraction. Not too mention the gunk they feed you to make you poop like you have never pooped before to clean everything out. Yet after, as hungry as you are, you can't eat or don't want to eat anything. As it goes in, and landslides out. At this point you have read just about if not every new magazine in your house, as you now can tell anyone that asks just what page and the words on that page of that magazine, since you have read em all, sitting there on that white throne after taking some medicine that looks like liquid chrome. This is nothing, as your lady friend has to call you about 15 times over stuff that at the current time you can't do anything about. Your rung out like a used shop rag, all you want to do is snooze, however everytime you lay down, all you do is get back up to poop. They estimate that the need to unload the contents of your bowels will stop, in a few hours, oh really? How many hours? So I sit here , by the computer, near the toilet, so that's what I'm doing today. 

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