Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's my birthday, but who really cared

So woke up to the foot steps of Pam our Real Estate person, coming up my stairs.
Pam can wake me up any time, she's that cool. Then this morning Nate texts me HB,Happy Birthday, and some of the club members, but nobody else that I was kind to, helped out and even a few that I was in business with over this past year here in Evanston even said Happy Birthday, how the hell are ya, nothing. Then they wonder why I drag my feet in repayment. Few of my clients, none of the foxes that I have gave big tips too at both bars here, as well as have visited with, but oh, they'll expect that same large tip next time I go to one of those establishments. The people at Primcast, one of our upcoming streaming partners, as well as our primary one wished me a Happy Birthday, members of the 214 wished me a Happy Birthday, but could anyone local? Could Dave, Vern, or members of my LDS ward wish me an online or a visit to the Lair say Happy Birthday? Maybe even squeeze out a $10.00 or $20.00 so I can buy fuel for my car, or a McDonalds burger? Nope. 
This morning I was fit to be tied, my Livestream, software went sour, and everything I did made it go even further sour. After 10 calls to Brooklin New York, and a tech who looked foxy, I got it all floating good again, although according to the tech, the older version of Procaster, rather than Producer was better for what we do. Primcast is for radio and audio streaming primarily, and for radio professionals, but I too like Livestream, because when we do go visual, in a few months we can feed a video showing us in studio doing HazzardAyre Radio, which still is the only one I can currently feed to. 
A1 and Charlies bunch and A1 emailed a Happy Birthday, so a few people do care if I live or die, but for those that I and the club through my direction of that has spent thousands of dollars, shame on you for not saying Happy Birthday. Next time I'm ready to buy something from you or the club needs to we'll think again.

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