Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Anal Canal of the Yankee Government and sorry I'm just not sad that Prince is gone.

Ever try to work with the Social Security Administration? First you get some idiot that has no idea of geographics. Go to your nearest SSA office, sure, except that's 100 miles either way. So you call back wait for nearly 20 minutes, they say 15 minutes, my ass, try 20, if your lucky. It's not just Obama and his bs, although that figures into it, somewhere, plus you have the DC occupiers back there in the nations big house playing with their interns, deciding things that is either going to help, or crush a persons life. Oh they have field offices, sure, try to call them, the one in Rock Springs Wyoming is hardly if ever there, why have the damn office if no one is there? Might save a few tax payer dollars. Its just part of the anal canal of Yankee Government and a huge amount of anal plugness. 
Okay then, Better half tells me the Black disco singer has passed away. Okay fine all goes out to family, but here's my thoughts, first I never cared for the guy, second I'm not into the LGBT community or anything that represents, nor am I one to champion that sector of our population. I'd feel the same way if Elton John bit the sand. I don't do or nor am I fan of anything queer. I'm happy and content in being a fully grown USDA Prime cut Confederate American Male. So while I hate to be cruel, I'm not saddened for the loss. Additionally, I never saw anybody, going head over heels over Waylon's passing or Jimmy Best's passin like they have Prince. I truly miss Jimmy , and absolutely miss Waylon. If only America would mourn and put the Dukes of Hazzard back on TV even the reruns, likewise do a remake and put it back as a series. 
Finally got Shelly shacked up at the Motel 6 , until we get the paper work done on her at the Classic Lodge. Let's put it this way however. Efficient ambition is not on anyone's radar, nor heads up display, even worse in their play book. Which makes the condition of the missions of the Knytes. It's not so much the costs of the bars we intend to buy, or bringing the radio station operation to fruition , nope its where do you find decent , intelligent, eye candy style , employees? The condition is worrysome to say the least. 
Headed for the shower and then meet with Pam, at 5:00PM. 

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