Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Super Fox or Fugdugly their poop still stinks no matter what's outside

There she is, dreamy as a big dish of strawberry shortcake, those lips shine and glisten and those eyes highlighted by all the warpaint, just makes you feel enslaved to the point you'll do anything and go against everything you think you stand for. Or perhaps, she's a fugdugly old skank, but has a great personality, not too much extra emotional baggage, fun to talk to, so you chummy up. In both cases, you miss the important thing, at night when the doors are closed, TV not for shit(more on that next entry) and its quiet time, remember under the skin, both still are human, both still poop, and their underarms still smell like day old chicken noodle soup. In essence they both still stink. Sure the super fox is easier on the eyes, and promotes the furtherance of sexual pursuits, but in the morning after its done, her breath is still going to smell like the bottom of an ashtray, and taste somewhat that way as well. After all of that what do you still have left? Her personality, intelligence and demeanor and attitude. If you can't talk to em, can't even get an intelligent reply to a question, and get called everything in the book, You still are not going to match up no matter how great or fugdugly she looks. In our southern traditions, most guys went through a period called courtship or courting. This gave you time to really get to know a gal, prior to any thought or discussion, of marriage. Today with online hook ups, dating sites and that terrible thing called Facebook, you really do not get to know someone well , before you engage in any kind of meaningful relationship. 
In my years, and its sorry that its no longer part of the gig, the LDS Church amongst other social events used to have Mutual, as well as for older people socials. You got to meet, dance, romance and during a slow dance, got to really know her before you ever got to take her home, if you were lucky. Course back then even taking one home was not the legal threat it is today. Back then if something didn't work out for whatever reason, you both walked away from each other had a good cry, or worked on your truck for us guys and it was done. Even if you did see her in town you just said hello. Thinking maybe again, someday, but sadly in reality, some day never comes. Today if you dump one that don't want to be dumped, she tells people you raped her, or some other stupid claim. Even though you never undressed her, and even if you did, nothing really happened that either of you didn't or might have thought of happening. For all the drawbacks of LDS Church teachings, and all, the requirement of being married before relations, is not only wise but keeps YOU, my fellow male corpuscles safe, and without blemish. I'm thankful for all those lessons I was taught and are taught again. Which is what kept me from being in one helluva mess with you know who. But even if the gal is a super Heavenly angelic fox, she ain't perfect. Mother Nature visits, every month without fail, she gets grumpy, cranky, and can fly off on you for the simplist of things. Many of which you have no control over. If you go into a relationship headed to the alter, you might think you have plenty of cash in your stash. You got money for your truck, for brew with the crew and all, however in reality, once you go into a relationship, YOU HAVE no MORE MONEY. It's now what's hers is hers, and what used to yours, is now HERS, as well. There are two things to keep in mind and an adage my mom taught me. Even the greatest super hero, in this case SuperGirl, once the cape is off, she's still human, or as my mom said, turn em all over at the race track, they all look the same. 
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