Friday, April 15, 2016

We truly live in a very stupid and uninformed era. People need, to be lead by the hand at and to everything.

I am of the opinion and justifiably so, that even with all the modern technological achievements from the Internet, computers, and so on that there still is quiete a few people that are stupid as a stump. Heck the stump is more intelligent. It pisses me off to no end, when someone says they can't find anything online about the clubs or my company or anything such. Shit, are they looking in the right places? Do I have to draw them a map? Do I have to lead them by the hand and point it out for them? There was the thing of You don't have many followers on certain sites, duh, that's what I'm hiring your agency for, to draw more male gearheads to our sites. If I wanted nobody to look, I'd just leave it like it is and save the damn money. It's the same thing I get from all too many, my question is, what does one need to do, to recruit, and hire modeling talent for a website, TV ad, or similar? Go to California or Nashville? Okay the one that keeps rearing its head like a frightened colt, is the foot kiss we used on several of our TV ad's. It was funky for sure, odd perhaps, but the reason I went to what they call a alternative agency was the fact we do, do things a bit unorthadox and out of the usual. But nope , cancelled out, sianara , adios. 
There are all too many people scared to take a leap, on a project that kicks ass, yet does not have a real category to put it in. Just like Waylon found Nashville years ago when he founded the Outlaw Kountry Music category. Back then , what Waylon, Willie and others like Cash and such did was not country, nor rock and roll, because the music was a blend of the two, there was no known category. They couldn't be put in a box in a certain way. Eventually of course the OutLaw Kountry movement gained traction, but it sure as hell took a long time to get it there. 
I remember back in 2004/2005 when a movie came out called Brokeback Mountain. It had in it a pair similar to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but the lead actors were , Well, queer. It wasn't that the film was written well, or that overall it was superb, it was that having two queer cowboys was different, so people gravitated to it. Same situation with when Howard Stern appeared on the national syndicated radio scene. Here was a guy who openly made fun of everything, including the mentally ill, plus openly talked about real sex, had women fart in the face of male guests, and even had sex in the studio. It wasn't that his content was outragious, it was the fact of how he did it. After all his content had been done by WolfMan Jack, Dr. Demento, and even me. Nope Stern did radio his way, and now Stern is the highest if not one of the highest paid and celebrated radio personalities in the nation. Granted he launched in a more open minded, area, but still we are where he was once. While we still command a major part of the radio footprint, and radical rebel TV Landscape, still we could use a push. One of the reasons both mine and the clubs websites have never been finished and up online , is the inability to find , recruit and hire the female flesh to go with and enhance rides for the sites. Yet these same gals can put up picture posts of themselves showing every part of their bodies, and yet we show one, of many just because we put this together like it is;
 That is just not allowed, to which I say, bullsbreath. Adios honeys , you'll be back. Guess it takes women that CAN!! Pull their heads out of their vaginas. 


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