Sunday, April 24, 2016

Whew, glad that's over, this week things get back in order.

Whew glad that is finally over for good. Yet like a bad scab it'll resurface somewhere again, but as far as I'm concerned it ain't getting back in my lair. Okay so Shelly sends me a threat on the fact she's camping at the local Flying J. That's fine, and that a few freight haulers will protect her, from what? I don't care any more, but I don't take threats well. She just dumped any chance of reunification. She failed the club's Loyalty test, and now life will begin to smooth out, and I'll be able to heal. Wanted to go to church this morning as well as be on air overnight, but while my mind was in gear for that the engine, wasn't. I woke up spewing snot and gunk, to where I went to bed at noon, slept until about 3:00pm woke up ate what I could, took some meds , texted our Bishop, and watched Girl Meets World., on the Disney channel. Don't know why , but that one show allows me to drift back to my teens and unwind from stress. Watched Pure Country on INSP , or the Inspiration Channel, how many times are they going to run that movie? It's too bad that the only TV that's good on Sunday is the Disney Channel. Pure Country reminds me too much of the era or life I had with Janice. The only person to blame for that crumbling is me. I wont go into details, but full body massage with a happy ending is more than just a body massage. But I told the truth to Janice aka Monkee, and she moved from Montpelier Idaho, here to Evanston Wyoming in 1995 the rest is of course history. The reason, Pure Country is a memory of Monkee and I , is her son, my Step son Mike, thought he was a reformed George Strait. As such that the reason I like that film. 
Had a great supper, one of the wives of a club member made be barbque ribs, corn on the cob, and a good green salad. Even the club, says the smart thing I can do is locate and book a place back in Idaho. So I'm dedicated towards that goal. 
See you on the radio in the AM, on the AM , AM1240 to be exact, and I do most of my uploading for the radio show overnight to early morning, since I have more bandwidth. Maybe someday AllWest will run fiber optic, to my area of the valley, and give me as much horsepower going upload as it has coming down. 

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