Monday, April 25, 2016

Guess I'm not alone in this, Smelly Shelly does this for kicks

Before I get into my rant here, I want to say this; Mental illness can effect many people for different reasons, trouble is they never get the treatment and help they need. This is one of those people. 
Having said that and I have to take some self blame for this, since it was I that was bamboozled into bringing this lady out here, to our beloved Evanston, on the surface of her doing a program writing gig, for SouthernSteele Media. Shelly had other ideas. As such, she moved into my Lair for a month or so and reaked havoc on my life, and finances. It would seem that Shelly has done this before, to more people , mostly men. She finds a victim, sweetens up to them, drives em nuts, they spend time and money to help her only to leave, and steal money. 
I am thankful to the many residents here in Evanston, from Lexi at the Legal Tender Lounge, to my Bishop, and many in between. If you look over my entries over the last two months, you'll find I went through worse than hell with this lady, and the injury, to my mind will take time to heal. She even owes her brothers money, two much more than she took from me. If you are unlucky enough to encounter, a woman named Shelly Nesbit, online or elsewhere, avoid her like the plague she is. Hopefully the FBI and others will discover this, and act accordingly. 
We'll be on air in the AM at 06:00 on , but Brave is on Disney Channel and I'm not going to miss that, this time.

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