Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The SheWolf is on her way out she does not know it yet and I think we're gaining traction

The SheWolf is on her way out, although I am sure she has no idea yet. Thing is, she's way too lazy, and thinks that the world will be handed to her, yet as butt fugdugly as she is that ain't going to happen. I have told her too many times she needs to go work at Wal-Mart. Not that Wal-Mart is a carrer for all , but for those whose mental framework is not wrapped too tight its a start. Yet she don't call to get an appointment for an interview. Its get a job honey or your butt is outta here. It's not so much the extra money, although that would help, nor is it the fact that just about everybody in her family has written Shelly off, (go figure) but getting out of the house , for 6 or so hours every day, would relieve the stress level around here, where this whatever it is we have might work. Too much time together and due to the cold, can't be out at the shop much, I'm stuck at home. The radio gig is suffering since I can't do much of a show, unless I force the issue, then she thinks I'm neglecting her, Excuse me, I gotta work. It's an ongoing situation that's either going to fix itself or I gotta cut her loose. She get's jealous over every female that I come in contact with. Like this Lexi, who hasn't called back in a day, which troubles me a bit. But if Lexi is only half of what I have experienced from Evanston's work force it'd be a step up. That's why I jump for joy and think of her just about every second of the day since I came into contact with Lexi, but thing is SheWolf growls at her name, and the fact that I got a rather private showing of Lexi's ink, really got SheWolf growling. Hey can I be blamed if I like body art? I like ink on women, and agencies that have a stable, of women with ink, makes it great. Got a call from Armada this morning. If they are only a quarter of what they claim, that would be two steps up. Many of the mainstreams as far as talent agencies. Whether its TMG or Urban Talent out of Salt Lake City, or Craze/Urban out of Boise, if your not Deseret Media or a church subsidiary, forget it, you'll get within sniffing distance but not much further. Try casting that talent with our rebel biker/trucker/pilot club, and Lucifer is a better look to them. Especially if there is a wiff of the talent posing or interacting on TV with the club members such as this for Tow(toe)ing. 
  Nope don't even try to get that in the mix, so who do you turn to? If your lucky if you can find someone as hot as Lexi, to cast, or if your lucky still find an alternative agency such as what we tried to start a few years ago, called the Bad Girls Agency. In any case, hope Armada kicks in gear here and makes that happen. 
Any mile got to kick this day into second so chat at ya'll on the radio, tonight on 

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