Monday, April 25, 2016

File this under the used and abused department thank God and Greyhound she's gone

Now this may sound unChristian and all, but I paraphrase the song by Roy Clark(HeeHaw) that went Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone. Guess Smelly Shelly took the (pm out bus, with help from some freight haulers back to Florida. Smelly Shelly says, she'll pay me back for all she cost me, in fuel, back payments to Rick at the shop, and so on. So if I hold my breath waiting for that repayment, I'll turn blue. So much of my time, and expense, in retrospect wish I'd never saw that so called chat on FB. The entire thing set me back some $3k, and I'll crawl out from under that . But I have to belittle myself and go to our Bishop for help on power and gas heat bill, plus I'll have to do with $400.00 less this next month, but I'll manage. June will be redone as well. I thought about going to a different bank and I still might, so I can retain enough bucks to get things done next month, but I'm sure as hell glad that the weight is now off my shoulders and the ball and chain is off my ankles. 
I took advice from a few at Church, go online and find a gal, I did, but I'm convinced of two things, one: unless you know who she is, and she lives in your town, and only after a full background check, do you even think of making a date. Do not go for online dating the pics and description is most likely false, and three I'm just not one that can be fully domesticated. Thus why try? I've made it 57 years, and outside of 3 that count as being hitched to me and two others that were more lust than love, I've lived by myself and alone all this time, and few have been what they said they were. More over I'm not matchable to any woman, too few , are of a attitude or aptitude to marry this wolf, so I prowl all alone. 
So then I wake up, find my power off, thinking it had something to do with the weather called Rocky Mountain Power, who was nice and turned me back on. I want to know where the local power company office is at , where You can take your bill, and your cash and pay your bill. Poop on the idea that its all electronic and via a vendor. It's not just Rocky Mountain Power, its Idaho Power and most utilities. Except for the few communities like in Burley and Rupert Idaho, where the bill is with the local city. That way you CAN take your bill to a human, and pay your bill. 
Yea, Happy Birthday to me this week. Phooey, it my be my birthday this week, but it ain't nothing happy about it.

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