Thursday, April 7, 2016

I don't proclaim or pretend to be a bad ass or something I'm not, I drive a tow truck and a bull wagon past that I'm just me

I don't now or ever proclaim to be a bad ass or pretend to be anything I'm not. I'm honest, I work hard for EVERYthing I have and its not much. By winter and week days I drive a tow truck, I rescue people from the highway, and clean up the mess after a wreck. By Weekends I climb up in an old KW bull wagon, run a few livestock sales and take a few fat bulls to where they soon become that pattie that you scarf down at McDonalds. I attempt to live a very simple life, I do not write nor post this as a way of saying I'm a hot shot BIG trucker, I am just me. When I'm not in a seat behind a steering wheel, I'm behind a microphone playing music and telling the news and grooves of truckers, toewers, and bikers. 
I'm nothing special, or feel like a celebrity, I'm just me. 

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