Thursday, April 21, 2016

The cost of this ride is too high, the club, and my friend comes first, its adios to you

Tonite I had to do one of the most difficult and heart breaking things in my life. I had to put a stop to Shelly and I. I think in time it'd made it okay, but the club, and Rick my former partner and yet still friend hasn't been paid hardly anything for fronting me at our old shop. Why? Because my money has been, being spent on Shelly and her bullshit. Seems as the lady can't do much if anything on her own, and has drained me both out of my wallet, but put a strain on the relationships both personal as well as in business, not to mention at the least , a strain on my relationship with the club. I have used just about every contact, and agency in Evanston to find her a place to live, feed her , plus play taxi. Enough already. With the club in the mix of buying two bars here in Evanston, me trying to get back to going towing full speed, and with summer coming, running bull wagon, for France when there's loads out of here mine and the club's money spring has gone dry. So I sent a text and message through FB, we're through until she can pay me back for what I have used out of my pocket that should have went to Rick, for old bills on the old shop, that we're done, No more us. it's that simple. I will not crash the relationship I have with Rick, nor the club because of her. This whole Shelly thing should have been sidestepped, but I tried. It's not so much that superficially she's not eye candy although that does enter into it, but outside of a TV show or two, we really have nothing in common, NOTHING. 
So I sit here, no Skoal, no Goody's for my headache, and had to put my last $5.00 in my fuel tank for running her all around town. So girls of Evanston the old Wolf here is once again on the market, and Rick, I'll get your money to you, some how, some way.
Adios Shelly, it was nice, but there can't be us until your bill with me and the club is paid.

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