Friday, April 8, 2016

There comes a time when you need to poop or get off the commode

As one of my mentors once said, there comes a time you need to either poop or get off the pot. While it's not so simple to do both a full power radio station/network, and still have time in the day to still work in the shop, maintain my tow trucks and toew, and if I'm lucky find time to stay current , in flying. It's not easy, and at times stressful. Doing radio during the winter is a real problem , since I have to run toews. Summer its a bit easier, but not a empty easy task. Since there's club activities, racing, and getting in on a club road trip, fly in or bike run. Add to that organizing the talent for and scheduling up photo shoots and video work, its an all day and into nights situation. And the conditions in that situation, is at least more so lately I'm hitting 57 years old this month, I'm getting old, and what we used to do to recruit that female talent has changed a whole heap amount. Going up to strange women and asking them something like would you like to be on a bikers calendar, or shoot a TV ad for a bike shop, can get you slapped if not arrested. So you have to go through agencies, whom if your just a one customer and you have other clients that may not resign with that agency because they sent talent to you, will get you banned if not shunned. Then there are those that will post things on Facebook over and over, and over again, you may even get a phone call, but do they or will they take the time and expense to haul their sweet buns to southwestern Wyoming mainly Evanston, for a meet and greet? Nope, even if you pitch that you being the client are willing to pay for an overnight stay and meals. But I'm getting away from my focus here.
Back in 1975 frustrated by the lack of suitable attention by our then local broadcasters , TV and radio stations not to mention the local newspapers except for one, the then freshly organized TeenAge Truckers Association, got together, had several fund raisers and bought some rather very well used radio broadcast gear, and turned on our own radio station for over the road truckers. Back then it was nothing for parents to allow even their daughters to show up at our house just outside of Hagerman-aka-Hazzard Idaho, to write and produce great radio programs, interviews and so on. We took in an easy $5k a month which in 1975 was good money for a start up radio station at least as low wattage as we were. By 1980 or so some of those stations that had previously ignored us took us on. Soon KDSL or Kay-Diesel FM 89.1 became thee media authority, for anything over the road trucking radio and/or TV. In 1982 our phone rang so much during a nationwide full shut down of trucking as requested by then the Independent Truckers Association and Mike Parkhurst, who was also President/CEO of the publication Overdrive. Every media news department in the region called us and was curious as to what was going on. Because of that we made connections, and over time we started syndicating programs. By mid 1982 two things happened, the ground work for organizing the TeenAge Truckers Association into the Hazzard County Knytes had begun. The other thing was I got put in the Gooding County Jail for doing 185 through Hagerman in the General Lee. Yes OUR, GENERAL LEE, when I got out we shifted the organization into gear 13 and mashed the pedal. KDSL became the original KTOW and the focus was more on toewing rather than trucking, but we kept long haul over the road trucking in the mix. Back then nobody questioned coming to the house, whether or not something hinky or kinky happened was pretty much left up to the women that showed up. What was Long Haul Radio hadn't yet evolved into Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio. 
Enough history, what it comes down to is this; Just before I moved to Utah in 2013, a biker friend turned me onto who we have been with ever since. All of a sudden , instead of our 10,000 watt signal, that only scratched some rather small areas of Idaho, Northern Utah and sometimes western Wyoming, we with could go worldwide. Trouble is there are some that don't know we are on or how to find us. So we need to advertise, in industry and enthusiasts publications as well as TV,. Now we could do something bland and generic, but whose going to give that any attention? So bring in the models standing with posing with , and voice tracking of us to the thousands of OTR truckers and towing professionals, nationwide that if they want the most aggressively rebel radio, tune into us. But I want to go past that, how about having a female sidekick in the studio? Giving the woman's point of view? In the years prior, when Dixie-Diesel was launched in 1993 in Rupert Idaho in a studio that was prior a oversized broom closet, Robin Whittaker stepped in and we made bank, but that was 1993, we need to step up to the standards of today. I watched with some reluctance Zeb Bell's show from one of our affiliated stations in Burley Idaho, what I saw was a rather simple mundane set up, in an office den at his home, he was coming over YouTube, but what he's doing , he does great at. Which brought me to the conclusion, its time for everything HazzardAyre Radio to step up and kick in the ass . I have heard from many in this community of Evanston, Wyoming , why don't you rent a space in town? Reason? Simple, when I get enough people that will take it seriously enough to sit the hell down and put other programming down, then I'll be happy too. For right now, its good where its at and how it runs now, but yes we can be better at it, but who is going to sit in studio ? As far as the female eye candy for the ads? I have one I'm grooming for the task , but that's only one. I thought we had a bunch from Boise, from Armada, but they never call back. Guess they're not that interested. Its good that they're talent has day jobs.
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