Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Maybe I can teach them

I tried with some difficulty to tune in to Zeb Bells show this morning and to re air same, but his streaming service leaves a bunch to be desired. Several times the damn thing froze up my computer and his show had missing pieces. Now since mid 2013 we have been on Livestream.com service and outside of just a few times, for the most part its been fault free. I always get on air, People only see my banner, and there's not a lot of competing ads and crap popping up. Best of all at least for me and that will change come June, for me now its free. I don't pay one single penny. My show is heard by over 30,000,000 people nationwide. I enjoy having a service that treats me like I'm important as both a client and prosumer. Yet I see so many other people use these complicated over charged services, that make you register, download software just to listen to a fave radio program. With Livestream.com, all one has to do, is log on, pick the show, and view and hear. Nothing more, and its as easy to sign up with Livestream.com . Just register, pick a plan or use the free one, call Jordan if you want a top notch consultant he knows what he's selling. He works for Livestream.com . BethAnn of CSC Talk Radio, Zeb Bell, and others are using high cost, usually fails streaming services, that perform, worse than any , and are not of the quality that Livestream is. 
Okay then, sometime ago, there was a period of the era, when streaming anything was a complicated endeavor. Few website builders and others knew how to embed a streaming service or program into a website. Some of the so called simple site builders like WIX.COM still can't. It wasn't until 2002 that I stumbled upon the concept. Up to that point we at AyreWolfFM and HazzardAyre were limited to the area our stations, signal. When a charter of the AyreWolvez in Layton Utah were looking to do an independent station off of Hill Air Force Base, Utah; I was looking for suitable call letters, and tripped over a thing called WolfFM. So in time called Steve Wolf, asked who he used to stream that, he told me and we started streaming. Our stations income grew 10 times over what we were making before, and Abacast was our host. When they went under, we were lost, our sales fell. Then in early 2013 a biker friend of mine turned me onto Livestream, and I couldn't be more pleased. Our sales are increasing, and again real service. Now if getting the rest of our website were as easy. Including doing the backend and xml and so on , but an online station like what we plan on is going to take serious effort. We do what we do just as we do it on air, its just the delivery method is different. You get us if your not in Wyoming or Southern Idaho via your computer, Ipod, Ipad, or internet accessable machine. Even some cell phones. I wish I could afford to go to NAB to shake the hands of the people at Livestream, perhaps one or two of their people can do a detour and visit our facility here in Evanston Wyoming on their way to Las Vegas for NAB. Thing is ya'll know who poo-pooed my ability to go to NAB, Makes one wonder why get involved with any woman? Outside of shooting film or a photo session, where you can pay em, and send em on their way. Women will always mess a mans plans up. Never fails, women are determined to kill man, has been that way all the way back to the garden. Eden just had to snooker Adam to eat that apple. 
I think Zeb Bell, KBAR and so on, ought to sign up to Livestream.com since their current service RadioLoyalty.com sucks.

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