Friday, April 15, 2016

Eatable food glue to hold your sandwich together and other mundane inventions

We've all been there you get to near the mid way of your sub sandwich, and the meat, cheese and fixins start sliding off the bread. Or worse coming apart altogether. Or your scarfing down a McDonalds, Big Mac , and it slides apart. Bad thing, well researchers at Hazzard County University, is working on a eatable tasty food glue, that holds all your food parts together, no matter how much mayo and such you spread on it. The product will taste something like fish tarter sauce, and is an adhesive , but its eatable, final testing and submission to the FDA is next, then should be out in a year or so.
Did A bit too much partying last night. The club was having its weekly meeting and birthday celebration here at the Wolf's Lair, and congrats go to Valerie and Alex and all in Boise. We now have our go to people for our modeling talent so I don't have to mess with that half, all I need to do is find the female on air people, which is still a heavy lifting part of my job, but I'm trying to take it easy. My head feels like a basketball, so I'm soon going in for a nap, so I can be me on the air tonight.
Got noise from Shelly, about her not honoring her financial commitments to me and the club as well as to Rick, so might be time and all to rethink the whole reunification between Shelly and I. If she wont honor her commitment to me and the club, maybe I'd be better off doing it myself. 

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