Friday, April 8, 2016

When there is no chemistry in a relationship, its best to end it and walk away

The Wolf's Lair is quiet now, I finally can do my work in my best most comfortable attire, mainly my BVD's and not feel self conscience , I can leave the doors to my latrine and the bedroom open, and I'm finally beginning to unwind. After a month of near pure hell, with a female human, that really needs the services of the mental health department, that was draining more than the brain drain. That said, I need to say this, I do not hate in any way Shelly, she for as developementally challenged as she is , is an okay person with a big heart. Thing is I don't mean her any ill will or anything bad to ever happen to her, it's just we are just not enough on the same frequency to be able to cohabitate, much less get married. Last night however the crap hit the fan. I woke up in a pretty good mood from a fairly good nap, and Shelly started up in one of her moods, related to earlier in the day when she felt challenged using a computer at Wal-Mart to fill out a job application. So I suggested two things, A; she go see a head shrink, so she could cope with the real world and its conditions, and two; go to a computer class here. I told her , in this day and age if you can't use a computer even on a ground level, your chances of any success is very limited if possible at all. Of course after that she started in on my work involving selecting model talent and casting all kinds of women in films and TV shows. There was the I'm sorry I don't have the perfect body, and so on, to where, no matter what I said, I was sinking very fast. So I flat told her, I can't go on, that our whatever it was , was over and maybe she ought to go home back to the back yard, in Florida, within the protective and restrictive arms of an aging mother, a brother and abusive Uncle and Aunt, as we just don't have a future. So then it was a real explosion, so I called our fine law enforcement staff here in Evanston, they came and she got the message, and as of yestrday at 20:00 hours, I'm once again a free prowling wolf, and my body is starting to relax.
Haven't heard from Lexi, went up to Legal Tender, had dinner, and visited with the folks who run the local dragstrip here. Hey sometimes , if you can't beat em, join em, and while I'll buddy up for a time, watch a take over in time. Also haven't heard from the models and such from Boise, including Ally, I think some of them are mad at me since I called their bluff. The amount of talent there is most likely as limited as it's ever been. Still waiting for some noise from Armada and a few, but I think if I hold my breath, waiting on them, I'll turn blue. Sure Boise to Southwest Wyoming is a good days road trip, however, if I were someone wanting to be a real pro model or feature TV personality, making in one day more than most of them make in a year at other jobs, I'd be making a bee line here to have a sit down, more over at least sending more photos and returning phone calls.
Finally, got a yellow light from the Velocity Channel today, saying if we made a good set of trial pilot episodes, they'd give us a green light for Dixie-Diesel/Highway Hooker TV. So keep your fingers crossed. More over , I just need to start assembling the right female eye candy.
Will not be on air this morning, but will be on this evening starting at 19:00(7:00PM) on 

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