Monday, April 18, 2016

And so it begins self induced Hershey squirts

Sunday was a terrific day, I got up went to church, got a lot of useful and life applying information had great conversations with both Vern and Dave and got home after I took Dave out to the shop and all. Got home all snuggled up only to find that in fact the Doc said I needed to go in for another, colonoscopy. Seems they saw something on both the last two that they wanted to once again take another  gander at. So they gave me some medicine that I'm to take at midnight to clean all my anal passages out so they can shove a pinky finger sized tube up my ass and take a cruise down my insides. So I can tell you, I'm not doing much after today , except hanging here at the Wolf's Lair near a latrine.
So woke up, took a trip with a nice lady to take a gander at the Hornet's Nest just outside of Evanston here in the burg called Bear River City. Seems as though the club is flat determined to buy and operate a bar here. While I'll follow orders and help facilitate this even to transpire, my view it's not worth it. Oh the price of the place is great, but and there's always a butt, is there enough qualified and proper attitudinal women here to put in the bar that will properly accomodate the wolf Pack as well as the Knytes , let alone other two and four wheelers? The thing is and while it fell flat on its ass, still if you have to reach out of the area, to locate, recruit, and hire both promotional talent, TV, Magazines etc, plus all the rest, and you find those that will at least entertain, such an idea as working with the club, wouldn't you be better off in just finding a facility in Boise or that area to begin with? Would it be better to host DukesFest West there as well? Boise can easier house and all 300,000 extra people than dinky Evanston Wyoming. If your going to run specialty style 1/4 mile drag races, would a full on track like FireBird Raceway be better than a 1/8th mile track just outside of Evanston, that hardly has grandstands, press box, and a timing tower? And whose director has yet to make a reply, return phone call? The mandate of the Knytes-of-Dixie in 2 years ago, was and remains, rebuild a former radio station for the advancement of Southern Liberty, and open a true bar/grill for road warriors. The rest of all of this are just side runs for the club, that keeps just draining my and the club's bank account. So then I will follow through, with the bar and radio station, but much of anything else, I'm just not interested in doing. Only if its clubs orders will I do much beyond what we are doing in the first place. 
I'm also wondering whether I even need to be here at all. I had mentioned to Pam, that I needed to find a bigger place to call the Wolf's Lair and all, however the way I look at it, wouldn't this be better and I'm strongly leaning towards this as a trail to follow, finding a home in either Pocatello or American Falls Idaho, replant me back home and say piss on this, thing they call Wyoming. 
So I'm here getting ready for sitting and shitting.

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