Thursday, September 15, 2016

This is a Test, A test of the Wolf Broadcasting System

This is a test, only a test of The Wolf Broadcasting System. Not everytime that I want to go on air here lately, have I been able too. Computer had a fit just after the last big lightning strike here in ETown. The big Daddy through a jolt that hit our tower , then the STL, then back to the studio, right through to my old Betsy. While I can nearly see that the writing is on the wall requiring me to buy yet another NEW computer which I planned to anyway, just thought I could put that off a few more months. But like a blown wheel cylinder and brake shoes along with wiper blades, you can only put it off until the whatever fails, then replace it. Most times I'd rather be proactive rather than reactive. 
Okay then during the time I needed to do a cyber bandit diagnostic looked on my FB page and saw dear Andrea chiming in needing a roof over thy head. Who does she come to? Yep ye old Wolf. Says she lost her synthetic socks(nylons) and all, now needs this old high octane canines help. Trouble is I do not have any extra, might have, had the brake system on ye ole General not gone out, and the Computer about to bite the dust, but there is very little room to wiggle money wise. However the question becomes why me? As well as should I? Think, has Andrea, taken my physical needs in hand or otherwise? Has she did any pavement pounding to scare up ad sales? Has there been any bedroom consultations ? And just because I was nice once, I'm just supposed to jump up and say, hey come tease me some more, but nothing more? Naw ain't into that. Kinda like Hilary Clinton, you can tease me once or even twice, but leave me and keep asking ain't going to make me just jump up. Sure she has no real transportation, but a TAXI, or even finding me down at walmart or say Smiths? Cell phone always works.
Hopefully we can get a show out to you later this evening.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A lesson learned, NEVER EVER click on something on Facebook that you don't really know

ATTENTION FACEBOOK users and those who might be apt to click on BLAZETV's site. DON'T DO IT, both have very sneaky stinky key logging malware on them, they dig into your system, and clog up your cyber pipes. I had a week full of radio programming I wanted to deliver to you over the last two days, but guess what the malware was really digging under my cyber pipe. After an all day session today I think I have most of the malady cured and later on will endeavor to push out a few of our LIVE cyber radio shows, both on as well as on on .
The enduring need of the cyber bandits to snag your information is constant. I have always said those who just sit and think that checking your computers security are just waiting for a malfunction. Moreover you need to take a better examination of just what you click on from some even fancy site urged by a post on Facebook. Look there's good ones on Facebook, but the cyber crooks see what your looking at and copy that site, put up an ad, you click on it, then your computer starts hurling chunks. We all know not to click on sites or emails from people you don't really know, but the same attention needs to be done on sites, even news sites, you don't know as well. Whether its Facebook, or Yahoo, don't click until you search a real site. Its like some shine, know from what still it came from. 
Tomi is on, check back in at 23:00

Monday, September 12, 2016

Some days I think it be best just to move to Canada and Speaking in Toew

Have you ever gotten to a point, where you get to a place in your highway of life, and start to think, that maybe for as many years you have been supporting the wrong horse? Dig this, last weekend I pitched a suggestion to our friend Tracey Duke, that maybe she could get some of her supporters to pitch in with the task for raising funds, $300.00 of em for a fellow Knyte and avid Dukes fan, who is now one legged due to a military aviation situation after being shot down. On the very weekend that we were honoring all who died or injured in the 9/11 calamity 15 some odd years ago, and yet not one note from Tracey and her crew. Don't get me wrong I'm still the numero uno fan and activist of all things Hazzard County(not so much Dukes) and all things southern culture and historical preservation. The hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Knytes have contributed to the rejuvination of the show on TV both now as well as the TV show's first re-airing on TNN(now Spike) TV many years ago. If it had not been for the Knytes and its members buying local and regional ad time on TV channels running the syndicated runs of the Dukes, the entire show would have faded into the abyss . Yet not one Dukes fan based bar or supporter could cough up a few bucks to help our member Keith to get a artificial leg? Might have something to do with our organization leaning more towards SOA than DOH, ya'll think?
Do you realize this past week was the 100th birthday, of this treasured business and vocation so many of us have dedicated our lives to? Yep, it was 100 years ago last week that Ernest Holmes invented the basic tow truck that bares his name HOLMES. 
Finally; This morning; Saw a thing on FaceBook from Canada, with a PSA done good for the slow down move over cause. Wouldn't it be great if the States of America, I usually say United, but this nation is no longer United. But if The States of America's law enforcement community made such an effort on behalf of emergency workers on the side of the road, including us toewers? Guess this too will be one of those things the Knytes does, and many including the monkey see, monkey do's on FB will copy. And then think we could have done that. But oops we did it first. Seems we do it then everybody has to do it. 
Headed to the shop, then to a nap, see you this evening, on Speaking In Toew on 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

America treats its warriors very badly , Can we get a help up?

without a doubt our nation treats its warriors poorly. Anyone who is brave and able enough to put on a uniform, to go fight for his union is worth his rewards. Except one our members and one who I flew with in the 214. In July 2013 Keith flew into harms way, getting shot down and after the rescue had to have his limb cut off to save his life. While the VA, aided in most of the hospitalization and all, there were domestic expenses. Child care, house payments, car payments and support for his wife. Not to mention food and school expenses for care for a son with Autism. The Knytes-of-Dixie dove in, and paid for so much of his expenses that he today is mostly whole. After the last surgery that takes place this week, Keith will come home to his family, and work as a service adviser for the Knytes. However there is one cost that we have came up short on. Keith needs an artificial leg. One was obtained pending a payment of $300.00. Which the Knytes just can't cover. So we are reaching out to all of our supporters, friends and those who just might care, to pass the hat around, and help us cover the cost of the artificial limb. We'd like to be at the hospital, after he is recovered and all and present him with the artificial limb. After of course is weeks of therapy , but what a gift it would be so he could walk and all after he gets out of the hospital.
There is a deadline of the 15th of this month, as he should be in recovery at that time, we would like to present him with the artificial limb, at that time. So if ya'll have a bit of extra change and can help, please do. If just 3 people coughed up $100.00 a piece or so we'd have this covered.
So if you can spare a night out or a movie and can help, send your gift to : Knytes-of-Dixie Keith Fund, 96 East Hayden Ave #C202 Evanston Wyoming 82930, or email; for more information. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Have you just wanted to say, do it right or don't do it at all?

No matter what one says, the adage of Once a Marine, always a Marine is part of your world and life the rest of your life. From the time your feet find those gold boot prints on the pavement to the time you get your first globe and anchors the lessons learned and knowledge taught you never leaves. The same concept of if you examine the battle field and all and determine a task or mission is unable to accomplish you steer clear, however once you engage a situation , see it through and do or die. Do all with honor, precision and excellence. Those are the hallmarks of both the Knytes as well as us here at HazzardAyre. which may be the reason to do less than perfect is unacceptable and why I'm so critical of things. Example, a product and its not a joke, called PooPouri ran up the pole a ad on FB. Which played near to the end when all of a sudden stopped mid way. Was it FB's fault? Was it FB screening a commercial ad placement? Or did whoever put the post up screw up somehow? I ask why do it if you can't do it right.
My mom amongst many phrases that I adhere to today, has it right on, " It's okay to let people think your stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." Likewise in this case , It's one thing to make people think your an idiot, than to put up a video half done up on FB and remove the doubt that your not as good as the product your promoting. Which can draw you to the idea, maybe the product ain't so great neither . 
Now the Club as far back as 2005 was always going to launch its own website. Thing is, the pieces of such could not be brought together properly and in order to do the concept justice. Plus no one for a reasonable price was willing to put all the pieces together , likewise the photography and all, plus embedding our radio streams, which even today few know how to do that. Maybe Codi can do it. Any mile sure I would love to put that together, using some platforms of the old WolfFM and Howlin Oldies. In essence online radio done LIVE 24/7/365, over the Cybernasty. With radio going cyber from podcasts to streaming, both on the bottom floor as well as those big giants, like IHeart, Pandora, and NexRadio, instead of concentrating on over the air which we do anyway, but putting more grunt into cyber radio. If you can't do it right don't do it, if you do-do(he said do-do, lol) it, do it right. Like Yoda said it best ; " Do or Don't, no try" . 
Enuff said. 
I'm going back to snoozing.
See you on the radio L8R.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

HazzardAyre Coast2CoastFM 7.2

What it is, and what it isn't but then who do THEY have ?

It is a Tuesday the day after Labor day, so does that mean I have to change my underwear since they say you can't wear white after Labor Day? 
Okay and I ran head long into this a few weeks ago, and with a prospective new hire coming in this week need to make sure all understand and are all are on the same page and frequency. 
With a slight refresher here, HazzardAyre Radio started out as a project extension of a 4-H club for young aspiring truckers, in 1974. Little did we know what it would become. The idea was to inform and entertain the long haul over the road truckers, overnight since that's when in those days, when many of the freight haulers were out on the big road. From Hazzard Idaho it was a straight line of site shot signal wise to both Bliss and to Tuttle Idaho to our north and west, and to Filer and U.S.-93 to our south and east. The program started as Long Haul Trucker Radio. Over time I made the discovery that as I there was no radio voice or any electronic voice for us in towing and disabled vehicle rescue. So we created Heavy Hooker Radio, which mirrored my tow firms name Highway Hooker Toewing. (something on the toe and tow in a few bits okay?) In 1983 shortly after my Mom's passing the radio committee of the then reformed RoadMasters Association, decided to formerly name our station KTOW, or Kay-Tow(toe) place it at 93.3 and that was it. Over the years the organization has evolved and took on a side kick called the Hazzard County Knytes. At the time KTOW , started running a radio program dedicated to kountry gearheads of Dukes of Hazzard fanship, called Hazzard County Radio. In 1992 Long Haul Radio took on the name Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, and that rolled on until 1998 somewhere when a overhaul of the radio op, was done. By that time we had gained much in the way of siblings or subsidiaries in the organization, that it nearly broke us in half. In 2003 we started doing radio aimed towards the two wheeled part of our organization, and in 2004 we opened up the sky by doing AyreWolfFM Radio dedicated to military, mostly Marine and Navy aviation. In 2005 I moved here the second time to Etown(Evanston Wyoming) and as a result we had a full head of steam built up under the radio op, doing what few did, and including the Pentagon Channel, and military news over the air. Then I got a call from Trustee Cousin that our major funds had been frozen, pending a law suit with us prosecuting against an annuity company that had ran afoul of SEC regulations and abscounded with our funds. This reduced us to a mere crawl. So in the search of a new camp for me, and my Wolf-Pack, one that I trusted to run it, decided to not only move and store all our radio gear, music, computers, and all but stole it, and peddled it to supply her and male pal, with nose candy. I finally was able by early 2008, to be able to start piece by piece buying what I could to get us back on air. With some help from a few kind souls from our biker community, and all in late 2009 AyreWolfFM was back on air from Gooding Idaho, with the in studio, aid and moral support from out sweet Nurse GoodBody. We had the studio and were doing well, even a lonely bar tender and relationship adviser student came up with the idea of taking TOW and TOE and scrunching the words together as TOEW and its been that way ever since, thanks Emme,
 Its been that way ever since , since the call letters of the station never changed, its always been KTOW, so we have been playing on the words toe and tow ever since, so all things feet, mostly toes and of course tow truck has been the foundation of the radio op. As it is now there is not much to look at coming into the studio 

 But we have a vision of this 
 and this 
 or even this:
 which isn't much more than we have now. Considering that a facility has came up that can house it all. The reasons are many that we haven't gone into a full sized pro facility yet. Mostly the cost as well as the fact that up to this point the only one doing the station is me. Since Radio isn't completely all video, it made sense that even on my worst days and run down, I can throw on my workout shorts, slip in under the mic and be on air. However if the prospect new hire from Arizona pans out and all and does not bug out like so many have, and does not become intimidated by our style of radio which is between WolfMan Jack, Dr. Demento and Howard Stern, with southern fried spice mixed together, then the plans are to move into the new studio and become eventually a Super Station. And the reason to do it? Just like it was in the beginning, to be that second seat in the cab of an 18 or even a six wheeled truck or tow truck late at night into early morning keeping the trucker and toew-trucker informed and entertained. The trucking world is one of the few but mostly unsung heros of the nation. Everything we have from our food, house, clothes, car, fuel to run the car, to our bed and yes even our nylons and underwear, at one point from the place it was made be it on a farm or in a factory, was once transported to the food store etc by truck. Truckers are the true backbone of this nation. Years ago there was many trucker overnight radio gigs going on. From Charley Douglas's Road Gang, Bill Mack the Midnight Trucker Show, the Truckin Bozo, and others and yes Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio. Were all on big gallon or wattage stations. except for two, ours and the Bozo, the rest were radio people trying to be truckers or at least quazi truckers. Few had a CDL, or Chauffers license as it was before the CDL, few had no idea what it was like to be in a rig, in pouring snow, at 3:00AM with 50 head of balling bulls in a 53 foot trailer in the middle of no where. Or would know just what to play and do on air to comfort that trucker when he did get a chance to turn on his radio. I did, because I did the job. I knew what it was like all alone out on some distant highway. Even fewer would know what it was like to be out towing when its freezing and snowing, I did and still do, so what could I do, on radio to give that guy or gal a chuckle or two, or uplift that toewer? Me. I could go on and on, but it was with satellite radio, that many of over the air overnight trucker shows went to XM/Sirius. If you don't have that option in a older truck, your well f---ed. So rather than try to be one big powerhouse, we in what is the parent organization of the Hazzard County Knytes, The Rode Knytes Association, decided to buy and/or build small full watt AM and FM stations through out the region and link them through ISDN, and Satellite links as well as now Internet. 
No our studios are quite mundane, there's no big spotlights, fancy smancy furniture, or all of that, we are just a simple crew out here to keep truckers and toewers like you, informed and entertained.
See You later in the day I need sleep.
Good Numbers, I'm 10-10 on the side.


Monday, September 5, 2016

So does ye old Wolf have a dream? Answer; 3 and here they are:

I was asked this morning at breakfast if I had any dreams? Or ambitions I'd like to see happen still in my lifetime? I responded by saying three, is all I have, as I have been fortunate to have reached the others. Those 3 three dreams are in order, to have a towing fleet as large and as diverse as Charles Leggs, A1 Towing in Twin Falls Idaho. 2: To expand our radio gig beyond what it already is all the way to equal, both Bob, Smith's(Wolfman Jack) and Sterns in the respective venues and finally to own and operate a bar . A bar the style of both the Boars Nest of Hazzard County and the Reaper, of SOA fame. Mixed together. The latter I have danced around many times , but never could put together the support staff able to bring that to fruition. I already am on my way to seeing dream number 1 come to something. The tow service is growing and the shop is seeing some traffic. The radio gig is getting there albeit slowly. Dig this, a gal by the name of Shy, from HotLanta inquired. But backed away because of our Dixie flag. Might be because she is black? Maybe something else? But thought is, didn't she at least go to Livestream, and listen to our pre done shows to find out what we are all about? Was this a mystery? If ever there was a time when America needs to see and feel a unification of both our Confederate nation, along with the Northern Union, To accept diverse cultures and encourage those differences rather than the status quo, it is now. We have two untrustworthy people going for the big chair in DC. What would it be like if there WAS the Confederacy of today, pitching a candidate for the Presidency also in the mix? What if there was an African-American woman on the air for and of a radio station dedicated to southern liberty and history teaching on those things of southern confederate history, just the press coverage of such mainline TV networks like FNC and CNN would be so astronomic that it boggles the mind. Yet because of just the one symbol she backs away. Guess she was not up for such a challenge. Oh and by the way on this, most if not ALL of the Duke clan was in Utah this past weekend. Yet none bothered to take a rental car to travel the 100 mile one hour away to Evanston here to break bread with their ultimate Hazzard fanatic. There is a time that will be talked about. But thing is as I say it and I do much of the time 
 Might be part of the reason, that the Knytes started backing away from so much Hazzard and more SOA in 2008 and are still on the fence with that whole thing. 
One of the reasons, I love the biker community and border aviation and towing brethren is that above all else, the biker community, does not judge or are so much of the way you look, or are, but that your a human , that deserves some respect. When I got back into riding and all that went with that , I found that my brethren were still there and that, their love had not tarnished.  Considering the Dukes cast showed up at my Mom's funeral in 1983, yet could not be bothered to even pay me a visit here in Evanston when they were so close really bothers me a bit. But so I forgive as I could not be , nor could this organization that has spent so damn much money in the cause of bringing the Dukes back to TV, that spent even more money to get it on both Spike and CMT to begin with buying ad time , even locally when the show was in off main line syndication that at least the cast could haul up here to Evanston to visit me. Or the Club. Our organization would be nothing without them, but vice versa they would not be as enduring as they are without us. 
Finally on the bar, my ultimate dream. The goal is there, there is money ear marked for it, here. Thing is we just need to find the right location and the right support staff. 
See you on air overnight. and on in the morning at 07:00. 

Even Superman had a day off and got a nap

A recent posting on FB by one of my favorite lady newscasters Kim Fields of KTVB 7 Boise, was working from the platform of life being busy and her having a need for a rest. So I got to thinking, do all of you realize since the very millisecond that I took over the reins of the Knytes, more over even going towing, that I have yet to experience a full day off just to pamper myself and catch needed rest and sleep? For 40 years, every time I even take a trip somewhere, its work related, or organization related. For every holiday when most are cuddled up, or venturing out to recreate its people like myself, more over here in my area, me, that is responsible to go and rescue disabled vehicles and stranded motorists. If not that being on air 4 days out of the week, maintaining aircraft for me & my 2nd cousin's farm aviation company. For me its been none stop. If I even try to sleep during normal sleep hours I'm awake most of the night. That started when I brought LexiBelle home, seemed that most incoming tow calls came from 02:30 to 05:00 hours. After that it eased off until 17:00 to 19:00 Hours when most went home after doing slave labor for slave drivers, oh sorry, that's  business executives. So since I was awake started doing my over the air shows or shoo's overnight. The reason I do most of that now, is that overnight since we simulcast over the air and online at the same time, that Internet speed and bandwidth is better overnight rather than day hours when the web pipeline is carrying more traffic. But hey it doesn't stop there. The promotion and all for HazzardAyre as well as KKOD/KDXD , is constant. Some asked the need for all the female flesh? Part of that goes back to the pin up girls used in and around military aviation battle squadrons, as well as displayed on aircraft. Which transitioned to hot rods, and such. Something that I learned years ago from a shoe salesguy at the Mode LTD in Twin Falls, Idaho. He used to tell me its easier for a guy to sell to a woman and easier for a gal to sell to a man. So its constantly finding, recruiting, without getting arrested, visual talent, then training those that are mostly curious rather than serious, talent. Both on air as well as pimping for HazzardAyre/Dixie Diesel, Radio/KKOD-KDXD in magazine ads, and TV spots. Radio used to be mostly audio, you could be somewhat fugdugly and still do good on air if you had a good voice. Today with streaming online, with both audio and in studio cameras, if you have a side kick, or just yourself, you better have some sort of eye candy, or people will go away. When they go away, they comment on you and your show etc. Not all positive. But my will it be if she really shows to have a sidekick, as well as doing a solo run in here. But my MamaWolf taught me years ago, don't count your offspring until they're born. Don't count the grain until its harvested.
Okay so most of today(Sunday) I rested. But I'll tell you this. Once I truly loved going to Church, even here in Evansgone. However and I really can't understand this, but the attitude outside of a very small handful of the people in our Ward of the LDS denomination, have tried to get to know me or spend time to understand just what it is I do, much less why I do, things the way I do them. So while I get up, study scripture and all, after the disaster with the Elders Ward Party, I'm not too keen on the idea of ever going back to the Ward, and I think there's plenty that feel mutual. See a Mormon church ward will not usually tell you to get out or leave, but if your slightly more secular than just blindly obeying gospel, there are members that will make the environment so discompfirtable that you'll leave and either consider excommunication like I am, or changing Wards. So I just wont go anymore.
That said, I have began over the last few months and albeit not fully not laboring for the Organization, still, I take Monday's and Thursday's off of the radio operation, and mostly sleep. My how grand it'll be when Codi get's here. Then the radio op can run, but I can relax and spend more time with my own SheWolf. After all even Superman had a day off and got to take a nap.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

When TOE becomes TOW

Sorry about overnight the power outage here caused much more computer problems than we had envisioned and we're still picking up the pieces here. Should be up okay by show time and I'll be on air around 14:00(2:00PM) MST.
Its days like today and yesterday, that I truly could and would appreciate, a second seat to fill in here when my body says no , even when the brain is saying go-go-go. One of the draw backs that any potential new hire hears and sees here is the bit I and Bro created in the early 1980's over the redefining of the word Tow and relating it to Toe. Mostly in the fact that many who see the word, TOW rhyme it with COW. Not Toe. Even legendary radio host and a serious contender if he's not there already for the CMA Hall of Fame Bill Mack in doing some program promos for us at the then KTOW kept saying the call letters like K-Tow(as in Cow) it sounded hedious. So with albeit crude by today's standards an email for a redoux of the call letters to Rhyme TOW with Toe, was needed. But the toe thing did not start there. In 1979 to give some badly needed attention to our vehicle transport and rescue(towing) Service, in keeping in step(no pun intended) with all things Hazzard County, and sweet Daisy, after viewing a plumbers TV ad out of Boise, and remembering the bit in Cinderella of the prince putting on Cinderella the glass heel, I thought up an idea. Why not have a Daisy look a like, break down in her Jeep me as Crazy Cooter arrives, and rescues Daisy and her Jeep, and unhooking the Jeep, Daisy hops up on the dolly wheels on LexiBelle 
 drinking a soda, I'd kiss her toes with the tag of the ad we Luv Tow(e)s . About every 5 or so years after even to today, the ad is renewed starring a gal that is brave enough, to do the Daisy part. However many including some talent agencies see the piece as a fetish or something much more sexually sinister. The way we look at it, it's no worse and no more sexually charged than Prince Charming putting the glass heel on Cinderella. However the audition of that is a path I measure the out of the box thinking and rebel spirit of any female new hire for the radio gig. If a gal can go through with that without 20 million questions, then she is able to of a mind to be a bit more racy on air and thus create great radio and/or TV as the case may be. In all my doings though , I have had only 4 applicants that did it and did not have any moral objections to the bit. A gal named Cynthia from Emmett Idaho, then there was Miss Dixie Diesel in 1993 , Nurse GoodBody who just did a new ad for a trucking company out of Rupert, Idaho 
 yes it's the same honey who is such a dear friend that if we were not busy with other people in our personal lives might be a serious couple. Of course our on staff Sex Doc Emme, was the 4th gal that peeled off her heels. The rest has been one long epistle to get the desired results, that its shameful. In an era, of people shooting cops, cops shooting people, Hilary Clinton's treasonary emails and all should a radio host/owner have this big a problem, finding a female co-host, as well as train to be a host of her own show, just because once you did a bit of smooching a tow for an ad 
 for TV and print? Somehow I don't think so. But then perhaps one needs to have a vagina to understand why, or why not? As far as KTOW? We sold those call letters to a station in Colorado, in 2012. At the point of buying KBAR AM 1230 outside of Paul Idaho. The only reason that sale did not pan out was a few potential new hires, one even being a porn queen objected to being with a biker/tow-trucker in a home studio in Heyburn Idaho. Really? A few of the staff at KBAR was of such they had raised objections to the sale to us as well, oh well what do you do? As it sits, KKOD(K-Knytes-of-Dixie) FM 104.7 and KDXD(Di-X-ie Diesel) AM 1540, is our flagship stations, with many more on the syndication side. Or affiliates of our HazzardAyre/Dixie-Diesel Radio Network. Even so, to pay honor to our history, the look of the studio remains with nylons adorning the place even the mic cover is a nylon. 
 So I always ask that the lady new hires donate a slightly smelly pair of hose to the studio. This idea was inspired by a bikers pub in Bliss Idaho, called Angels & Outlaws. Where the owner politely asks all women to leave a pair of something intimate in exchange for a free cocktail or drink. He then takes that piece of female under attire and staples it to the wall or ceiling. Strange perhaps a bit forward for sure, but its done in fun. When Sue Rogers signed on with our radio network years ago, as our relationship adviser , I requested she send us some of her stockings, slightly aromatic. So she took some put it in a big envelope and sent em. The look of some of our staff when I got out of the mail box and envelope, was priceless. The list goes on, but working for us is not working for the mild hearted or reserved, we are rebels with a cause, we fight the system, and we are ultimately unique. 
Headed for bed church at 09:00