Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A lesson learned, NEVER EVER click on something on Facebook that you don't really know

ATTENTION FACEBOOK users and those who might be apt to click on BLAZETV's site. DON'T DO IT, both have very sneaky stinky key logging malware on them, they dig into your system, and clog up your cyber pipes. I had a week full of radio programming I wanted to deliver to you over the last two days, but guess what the malware was really digging under my cyber pipe. After an all day session today I think I have most of the malady cured and later on will endeavor to push out a few of our LIVE cyber radio shows, both on Spreaker.com as well as on Livestream.com on www.livestream.com/hazzardayrecoast2coastfm .
The enduring need of the cyber bandits to snag your information is constant. I have always said those who just sit and think that checking your computers security are just waiting for a malfunction. Moreover you need to take a better examination of just what you click on from some even fancy site urged by a post on Facebook. Look there's good ones on Facebook, but the cyber crooks see what your looking at and copy that site, put up an ad, you click on it, then your computer starts hurling chunks. We all know not to click on sites or emails from people you don't really know, but the same attention needs to be done on sites, even news sites, you don't know as well. Whether its Facebook, or Yahoo, don't click until you search a real site. Its like some shine, know from what still it came from. 
Tomi is on, check back in at 23:00

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