Monday, September 12, 2016

Some days I think it be best just to move to Canada and Speaking in Toew

Have you ever gotten to a point, where you get to a place in your highway of life, and start to think, that maybe for as many years you have been supporting the wrong horse? Dig this, last weekend I pitched a suggestion to our friend Tracey Duke, that maybe she could get some of her supporters to pitch in with the task for raising funds, $300.00 of em for a fellow Knyte and avid Dukes fan, who is now one legged due to a military aviation situation after being shot down. On the very weekend that we were honoring all who died or injured in the 9/11 calamity 15 some odd years ago, and yet not one note from Tracey and her crew. Don't get me wrong I'm still the numero uno fan and activist of all things Hazzard County(not so much Dukes) and all things southern culture and historical preservation. The hundreds of thousands of dollars that the Knytes have contributed to the rejuvination of the show on TV both now as well as the TV show's first re-airing on TNN(now Spike) TV many years ago. If it had not been for the Knytes and its members buying local and regional ad time on TV channels running the syndicated runs of the Dukes, the entire show would have faded into the abyss . Yet not one Dukes fan based bar or supporter could cough up a few bucks to help our member Keith to get a artificial leg? Might have something to do with our organization leaning more towards SOA than DOH, ya'll think?
Do you realize this past week was the 100th birthday, of this treasured business and vocation so many of us have dedicated our lives to? Yep, it was 100 years ago last week that Ernest Holmes invented the basic tow truck that bares his name HOLMES. 
Finally; This morning; Saw a thing on FaceBook from Canada, with a PSA done good for the slow down move over cause. Wouldn't it be great if the States of America, I usually say United, but this nation is no longer United. But if The States of America's law enforcement community made such an effort on behalf of emergency workers on the side of the road, including us toewers? Guess this too will be one of those things the Knytes does, and many including the monkey see, monkey do's on FB will copy. And then think we could have done that. But oops we did it first. Seems we do it then everybody has to do it. 
Headed to the shop, then to a nap, see you this evening, on Speaking In Toew on 

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