Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What it is, and what it isn't but then who do THEY have ?

It is a Tuesday the day after Labor day, so does that mean I have to change my underwear since they say you can't wear white after Labor Day? 
Okay and I ran head long into this a few weeks ago, and with a prospective new hire coming in this week need to make sure all understand and are all are on the same page and frequency. 
With a slight refresher here, HazzardAyre Radio started out as a project extension of a 4-H club for young aspiring truckers, in 1974. Little did we know what it would become. The idea was to inform and entertain the long haul over the road truckers, overnight since that's when in those days, when many of the freight haulers were out on the big road. From Hazzard Idaho it was a straight line of site shot signal wise to both Bliss and to Tuttle Idaho to our north and west, and to Filer and U.S.-93 to our south and east. The program started as Long Haul Trucker Radio. Over time I made the discovery that as I there was no radio voice or any electronic voice for us in towing and disabled vehicle rescue. So we created Heavy Hooker Radio, which mirrored my tow firms name Highway Hooker Toewing. (something on the toe and tow in a few bits okay?) In 1983 shortly after my Mom's passing the radio committee of the then reformed RoadMasters Association, decided to formerly name our station KTOW, or Kay-Tow(toe) place it at 93.3 and that was it. Over the years the organization has evolved and took on a side kick called the Hazzard County Knytes. At the time KTOW , started running a radio program dedicated to kountry gearheads of Dukes of Hazzard fanship, called Hazzard County Radio. In 1992 Long Haul Radio took on the name Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, and that rolled on until 1998 somewhere when a overhaul of the radio op, was done. By that time we had gained much in the way of siblings or subsidiaries in the organization, that it nearly broke us in half. In 2003 we started doing radio aimed towards the two wheeled part of our organization, and in 2004 we opened up the sky by doing AyreWolfFM Radio dedicated to military, mostly Marine and Navy aviation. In 2005 I moved here the second time to Etown(Evanston Wyoming) and as a result we had a full head of steam built up under the radio op, doing what few did, and including the Pentagon Channel, and military news over the air. Then I got a call from Trustee Cousin that our major funds had been frozen, pending a law suit with us prosecuting against an annuity company that had ran afoul of SEC regulations and abscounded with our funds. This reduced us to a mere crawl. So in the search of a new camp for me, and my Wolf-Pack, one that I trusted to run it, decided to not only move and store all our radio gear, music, computers, and all but stole it, and peddled it to supply her and male pal, with nose candy. I finally was able by early 2008, to be able to start piece by piece buying what I could to get us back on air. With some help from a few kind souls from our biker community, and all in late 2009 AyreWolfFM was back on air from Gooding Idaho, with the in studio, aid and moral support from out sweet Nurse GoodBody. We had the studio and were doing well, even a lonely bar tender and relationship adviser student came up with the idea of taking TOW and TOE and scrunching the words together as TOEW and its been that way ever since, thanks Emme,
 Its been that way ever since , since the call letters of the station never changed, its always been KTOW, so we have been playing on the words toe and tow ever since, so all things feet, mostly toes and of course tow truck has been the foundation of the radio op. As it is now there is not much to look at coming into the studio 

 But we have a vision of this 
 and this 
 or even this:
 which isn't much more than we have now. Considering that a facility has came up that can house it all. The reasons are many that we haven't gone into a full sized pro facility yet. Mostly the cost as well as the fact that up to this point the only one doing the station is me. Since Radio isn't completely all video, it made sense that even on my worst days and run down, I can throw on my workout shorts, slip in under the mic and be on air. However if the prospect new hire from Arizona pans out and all and does not bug out like so many have, and does not become intimidated by our style of radio which is between WolfMan Jack, Dr. Demento and Howard Stern, with southern fried spice mixed together, then the plans are to move into the new studio and become eventually a Super Station. And the reason to do it? Just like it was in the beginning, to be that second seat in the cab of an 18 or even a six wheeled truck or tow truck late at night into early morning keeping the trucker and toew-trucker informed and entertained. The trucking world is one of the few but mostly unsung heros of the nation. Everything we have from our food, house, clothes, car, fuel to run the car, to our bed and yes even our nylons and underwear, at one point from the place it was made be it on a farm or in a factory, was once transported to the food store etc by truck. Truckers are the true backbone of this nation. Years ago there was many trucker overnight radio gigs going on. From Charley Douglas's Road Gang, Bill Mack the Midnight Trucker Show, the Truckin Bozo, and others and yes Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio. Were all on big gallon or wattage stations. except for two, ours and the Bozo, the rest were radio people trying to be truckers or at least quazi truckers. Few had a CDL, or Chauffers license as it was before the CDL, few had no idea what it was like to be in a rig, in pouring snow, at 3:00AM with 50 head of balling bulls in a 53 foot trailer in the middle of no where. Or would know just what to play and do on air to comfort that trucker when he did get a chance to turn on his radio. I did, because I did the job. I knew what it was like all alone out on some distant highway. Even fewer would know what it was like to be out towing when its freezing and snowing, I did and still do, so what could I do, on radio to give that guy or gal a chuckle or two, or uplift that toewer? Me. I could go on and on, but it was with satellite radio, that many of over the air overnight trucker shows went to XM/Sirius. If you don't have that option in a older truck, your well f---ed. So rather than try to be one big powerhouse, we in what is the parent organization of the Hazzard County Knytes, The Rode Knytes Association, decided to buy and/or build small full watt AM and FM stations through out the region and link them through ISDN, and Satellite links as well as now Internet. 
No our studios are quite mundane, there's no big spotlights, fancy smancy furniture, or all of that, we are just a simple crew out here to keep truckers and toewers like you, informed and entertained.
See You later in the day I need sleep.
Good Numbers, I'm 10-10 on the side.


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