Sunday, September 4, 2016

When TOE becomes TOW

Sorry about overnight the power outage here caused much more computer problems than we had envisioned and we're still picking up the pieces here. Should be up okay by show time and I'll be on air around 14:00(2:00PM) MST.
Its days like today and yesterday, that I truly could and would appreciate, a second seat to fill in here when my body says no , even when the brain is saying go-go-go. One of the draw backs that any potential new hire hears and sees here is the bit I and Bro created in the early 1980's over the redefining of the word Tow and relating it to Toe. Mostly in the fact that many who see the word, TOW rhyme it with COW. Not Toe. Even legendary radio host and a serious contender if he's not there already for the CMA Hall of Fame Bill Mack in doing some program promos for us at the then KTOW kept saying the call letters like K-Tow(as in Cow) it sounded hedious. So with albeit crude by today's standards an email for a redoux of the call letters to Rhyme TOW with Toe, was needed. But the toe thing did not start there. In 1979 to give some badly needed attention to our vehicle transport and rescue(towing) Service, in keeping in step(no pun intended) with all things Hazzard County, and sweet Daisy, after viewing a plumbers TV ad out of Boise, and remembering the bit in Cinderella of the prince putting on Cinderella the glass heel, I thought up an idea. Why not have a Daisy look a like, break down in her Jeep me as Crazy Cooter arrives, and rescues Daisy and her Jeep, and unhooking the Jeep, Daisy hops up on the dolly wheels on LexiBelle 
 drinking a soda, I'd kiss her toes with the tag of the ad we Luv Tow(e)s . About every 5 or so years after even to today, the ad is renewed starring a gal that is brave enough, to do the Daisy part. However many including some talent agencies see the piece as a fetish or something much more sexually sinister. The way we look at it, it's no worse and no more sexually charged than Prince Charming putting the glass heel on Cinderella. However the audition of that is a path I measure the out of the box thinking and rebel spirit of any female new hire for the radio gig. If a gal can go through with that without 20 million questions, then she is able to of a mind to be a bit more racy on air and thus create great radio and/or TV as the case may be. In all my doings though , I have had only 4 applicants that did it and did not have any moral objections to the bit. A gal named Cynthia from Emmett Idaho, then there was Miss Dixie Diesel in 1993 , Nurse GoodBody who just did a new ad for a trucking company out of Rupert, Idaho 
 yes it's the same honey who is such a dear friend that if we were not busy with other people in our personal lives might be a serious couple. Of course our on staff Sex Doc Emme, was the 4th gal that peeled off her heels. The rest has been one long epistle to get the desired results, that its shameful. In an era, of people shooting cops, cops shooting people, Hilary Clinton's treasonary emails and all should a radio host/owner have this big a problem, finding a female co-host, as well as train to be a host of her own show, just because once you did a bit of smooching a tow for an ad 
 for TV and print? Somehow I don't think so. But then perhaps one needs to have a vagina to understand why, or why not? As far as KTOW? We sold those call letters to a station in Colorado, in 2012. At the point of buying KBAR AM 1230 outside of Paul Idaho. The only reason that sale did not pan out was a few potential new hires, one even being a porn queen objected to being with a biker/tow-trucker in a home studio in Heyburn Idaho. Really? A few of the staff at KBAR was of such they had raised objections to the sale to us as well, oh well what do you do? As it sits, KKOD(K-Knytes-of-Dixie) FM 104.7 and KDXD(Di-X-ie Diesel) AM 1540, is our flagship stations, with many more on the syndication side. Or affiliates of our HazzardAyre/Dixie-Diesel Radio Network. Even so, to pay honor to our history, the look of the studio remains with nylons adorning the place even the mic cover is a nylon. 
 So I always ask that the lady new hires donate a slightly smelly pair of hose to the studio. This idea was inspired by a bikers pub in Bliss Idaho, called Angels & Outlaws. Where the owner politely asks all women to leave a pair of something intimate in exchange for a free cocktail or drink. He then takes that piece of female under attire and staples it to the wall or ceiling. Strange perhaps a bit forward for sure, but its done in fun. When Sue Rogers signed on with our radio network years ago, as our relationship adviser , I requested she send us some of her stockings, slightly aromatic. So she took some put it in a big envelope and sent em. The look of some of our staff when I got out of the mail box and envelope, was priceless. The list goes on, but working for us is not working for the mild hearted or reserved, we are rebels with a cause, we fight the system, and we are ultimately unique. 
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