Monday, September 5, 2016

So does ye old Wolf have a dream? Answer; 3 and here they are:

I was asked this morning at breakfast if I had any dreams? Or ambitions I'd like to see happen still in my lifetime? I responded by saying three, is all I have, as I have been fortunate to have reached the others. Those 3 three dreams are in order, to have a towing fleet as large and as diverse as Charles Leggs, A1 Towing in Twin Falls Idaho. 2: To expand our radio gig beyond what it already is all the way to equal, both Bob, Smith's(Wolfman Jack) and Sterns in the respective venues and finally to own and operate a bar . A bar the style of both the Boars Nest of Hazzard County and the Reaper, of SOA fame. Mixed together. The latter I have danced around many times , but never could put together the support staff able to bring that to fruition. I already am on my way to seeing dream number 1 come to something. The tow service is growing and the shop is seeing some traffic. The radio gig is getting there albeit slowly. Dig this, a gal by the name of Shy, from HotLanta inquired. But backed away because of our Dixie flag. Might be because she is black? Maybe something else? But thought is, didn't she at least go to Livestream, and listen to our pre done shows to find out what we are all about? Was this a mystery? If ever there was a time when America needs to see and feel a unification of both our Confederate nation, along with the Northern Union, To accept diverse cultures and encourage those differences rather than the status quo, it is now. We have two untrustworthy people going for the big chair in DC. What would it be like if there WAS the Confederacy of today, pitching a candidate for the Presidency also in the mix? What if there was an African-American woman on the air for and of a radio station dedicated to southern liberty and history teaching on those things of southern confederate history, just the press coverage of such mainline TV networks like FNC and CNN would be so astronomic that it boggles the mind. Yet because of just the one symbol she backs away. Guess she was not up for such a challenge. Oh and by the way on this, most if not ALL of the Duke clan was in Utah this past weekend. Yet none bothered to take a rental car to travel the 100 mile one hour away to Evanston here to break bread with their ultimate Hazzard fanatic. There is a time that will be talked about. But thing is as I say it and I do much of the time 
 Might be part of the reason, that the Knytes started backing away from so much Hazzard and more SOA in 2008 and are still on the fence with that whole thing. 
One of the reasons, I love the biker community and border aviation and towing brethren is that above all else, the biker community, does not judge or are so much of the way you look, or are, but that your a human , that deserves some respect. When I got back into riding and all that went with that , I found that my brethren were still there and that, their love had not tarnished.  Considering the Dukes cast showed up at my Mom's funeral in 1983, yet could not be bothered to even pay me a visit here in Evanston when they were so close really bothers me a bit. But so I forgive as I could not be , nor could this organization that has spent so damn much money in the cause of bringing the Dukes back to TV, that spent even more money to get it on both Spike and CMT to begin with buying ad time , even locally when the show was in off main line syndication that at least the cast could haul up here to Evanston to visit me. Or the Club. Our organization would be nothing without them, but vice versa they would not be as enduring as they are without us. 
Finally on the bar, my ultimate dream. The goal is there, there is money ear marked for it, here. Thing is we just need to find the right location and the right support staff. 
See you on air overnight. and on in the morning at 07:00. 

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