Saturday, September 10, 2016

Have you just wanted to say, do it right or don't do it at all?

No matter what one says, the adage of Once a Marine, always a Marine is part of your world and life the rest of your life. From the time your feet find those gold boot prints on the pavement to the time you get your first globe and anchors the lessons learned and knowledge taught you never leaves. The same concept of if you examine the battle field and all and determine a task or mission is unable to accomplish you steer clear, however once you engage a situation , see it through and do or die. Do all with honor, precision and excellence. Those are the hallmarks of both the Knytes as well as us here at HazzardAyre. which may be the reason to do less than perfect is unacceptable and why I'm so critical of things. Example, a product and its not a joke, called PooPouri ran up the pole a ad on FB. Which played near to the end when all of a sudden stopped mid way. Was it FB's fault? Was it FB screening a commercial ad placement? Or did whoever put the post up screw up somehow? I ask why do it if you can't do it right.
My mom amongst many phrases that I adhere to today, has it right on, " It's okay to let people think your stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." Likewise in this case , It's one thing to make people think your an idiot, than to put up a video half done up on FB and remove the doubt that your not as good as the product your promoting. Which can draw you to the idea, maybe the product ain't so great neither . 
Now the Club as far back as 2005 was always going to launch its own website. Thing is, the pieces of such could not be brought together properly and in order to do the concept justice. Plus no one for a reasonable price was willing to put all the pieces together , likewise the photography and all, plus embedding our radio streams, which even today few know how to do that. Maybe Codi can do it. Any mile sure I would love to put that together, using some platforms of the old WolfFM and Howlin Oldies. In essence online radio done LIVE 24/7/365, over the Cybernasty. With radio going cyber from podcasts to streaming, both on the bottom floor as well as those big giants, like IHeart, Pandora, and NexRadio, instead of concentrating on over the air which we do anyway, but putting more grunt into cyber radio. If you can't do it right don't do it, if you do-do(he said do-do, lol) it, do it right. Like Yoda said it best ; " Do or Don't, no try" . 
Enuff said. 
I'm going back to snoozing.
See you on the radio L8R.

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