Monday, September 5, 2016

Even Superman had a day off and got a nap

A recent posting on FB by one of my favorite lady newscasters Kim Fields of KTVB 7 Boise, was working from the platform of life being busy and her having a need for a rest. So I got to thinking, do all of you realize since the very millisecond that I took over the reins of the Knytes, more over even going towing, that I have yet to experience a full day off just to pamper myself and catch needed rest and sleep? For 40 years, every time I even take a trip somewhere, its work related, or organization related. For every holiday when most are cuddled up, or venturing out to recreate its people like myself, more over here in my area, me, that is responsible to go and rescue disabled vehicles and stranded motorists. If not that being on air 4 days out of the week, maintaining aircraft for me & my 2nd cousin's farm aviation company. For me its been none stop. If I even try to sleep during normal sleep hours I'm awake most of the night. That started when I brought LexiBelle home, seemed that most incoming tow calls came from 02:30 to 05:00 hours. After that it eased off until 17:00 to 19:00 Hours when most went home after doing slave labor for slave drivers, oh sorry, that's  business executives. So since I was awake started doing my over the air shows or shoo's overnight. The reason I do most of that now, is that overnight since we simulcast over the air and online at the same time, that Internet speed and bandwidth is better overnight rather than day hours when the web pipeline is carrying more traffic. But hey it doesn't stop there. The promotion and all for HazzardAyre as well as KKOD/KDXD , is constant. Some asked the need for all the female flesh? Part of that goes back to the pin up girls used in and around military aviation battle squadrons, as well as displayed on aircraft. Which transitioned to hot rods, and such. Something that I learned years ago from a shoe salesguy at the Mode LTD in Twin Falls, Idaho. He used to tell me its easier for a guy to sell to a woman and easier for a gal to sell to a man. So its constantly finding, recruiting, without getting arrested, visual talent, then training those that are mostly curious rather than serious, talent. Both on air as well as pimping for HazzardAyre/Dixie Diesel, Radio/KKOD-KDXD in magazine ads, and TV spots. Radio used to be mostly audio, you could be somewhat fugdugly and still do good on air if you had a good voice. Today with streaming online, with both audio and in studio cameras, if you have a side kick, or just yourself, you better have some sort of eye candy, or people will go away. When they go away, they comment on you and your show etc. Not all positive. But my will it be if she really shows to have a sidekick, as well as doing a solo run in here. But my MamaWolf taught me years ago, don't count your offspring until they're born. Don't count the grain until its harvested.
Okay so most of today(Sunday) I rested. But I'll tell you this. Once I truly loved going to Church, even here in Evansgone. However and I really can't understand this, but the attitude outside of a very small handful of the people in our Ward of the LDS denomination, have tried to get to know me or spend time to understand just what it is I do, much less why I do, things the way I do them. So while I get up, study scripture and all, after the disaster with the Elders Ward Party, I'm not too keen on the idea of ever going back to the Ward, and I think there's plenty that feel mutual. See a Mormon church ward will not usually tell you to get out or leave, but if your slightly more secular than just blindly obeying gospel, there are members that will make the environment so discompfirtable that you'll leave and either consider excommunication like I am, or changing Wards. So I just wont go anymore.
That said, I have began over the last few months and albeit not fully not laboring for the Organization, still, I take Monday's and Thursday's off of the radio operation, and mostly sleep. My how grand it'll be when Codi get's here. Then the radio op can run, but I can relax and spend more time with my own SheWolf. After all even Superman had a day off and got to take a nap.

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