Sunday, September 11, 2016

America treats its warriors very badly , Can we get a help up?

without a doubt our nation treats its warriors poorly. Anyone who is brave and able enough to put on a uniform, to go fight for his union is worth his rewards. Except one our members and one who I flew with in the 214. In July 2013 Keith flew into harms way, getting shot down and after the rescue had to have his limb cut off to save his life. While the VA, aided in most of the hospitalization and all, there were domestic expenses. Child care, house payments, car payments and support for his wife. Not to mention food and school expenses for care for a son with Autism. The Knytes-of-Dixie dove in, and paid for so much of his expenses that he today is mostly whole. After the last surgery that takes place this week, Keith will come home to his family, and work as a service adviser for the Knytes. However there is one cost that we have came up short on. Keith needs an artificial leg. One was obtained pending a payment of $300.00. Which the Knytes just can't cover. So we are reaching out to all of our supporters, friends and those who just might care, to pass the hat around, and help us cover the cost of the artificial limb. We'd like to be at the hospital, after he is recovered and all and present him with the artificial limb. After of course is weeks of therapy , but what a gift it would be so he could walk and all after he gets out of the hospital.
There is a deadline of the 15th of this month, as he should be in recovery at that time, we would like to present him with the artificial limb, at that time. So if ya'll have a bit of extra change and can help, please do. If just 3 people coughed up $100.00 a piece or so we'd have this covered.
So if you can spare a night out or a movie and can help, send your gift to : Knytes-of-Dixie Keith Fund, 96 East Hayden Ave #C202 Evanston Wyoming 82930, or email; for more information. 

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