Friday, June 30, 2017

Excuse me, I'm not of the LGBT Community, not gay, but I am a genuine Confederate American Male, I like hot women

Excuse me, but  I am not of the queer, LGBT or other homo, community. What I am is a high octane two
legged canine, Confederate American Male that really loves women, of all hot styles and passions. If anyone wants to get my attention that is totally undivided, put a hot looking sugar babe in front of me in a mini skirt in nylons and decent heels or boots and I'll discuss anything and do just about anything ya'll want me too. I was born with a set of balls that dropped out from under my pelvic region at a very early age, problem was I had no idea what to do with it. My first crush was a gal who just so happens to be Senator Orin Hatch's R-Utah, niece Jolene Hatch. Met her at age 4 at Candy Campus pre-school in Layton Utah. Followed by Vicki Sickerea who lived across the street from us on Spurlock, Drive there in Layton, who just had to smother me in lipstick masked kissing. By age 6 I got the Peggy attachment that escalated to 8th Grade. Interscoped by Leanne Egbert aka Miss Egbert of Central Davis Junior High who wore super mini skirts, streamlined nylon hose and at minimum 6 inch heels. But I have always loved women , this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm someone that should be feared since I restrain myself, but I love the smell, taste, and all that being around women of some cosmetic and photographic quality looks affords. 
To give you a somewhat definition think of my carnal hunger, of feminitiles, as that of going to a LDS Church dinner. Food is okay, but 80% of the time the food has little spice and pizzaz. On the flip side, I like a bit of kyane pepper in the chili, get my drift here. The old song of the band Confederate Railroad, that says he likes his women a bit on the trashy side. So do I. Which is one of the many reasons, I really got into one of the young lady missionaries that visited our LDS Ward here, not only did her hair have some style, but she wore albeit by church standards but she wore perfume, and makeup. In short spicy. 
On things Church. My Bishop here, on the agreement of helping me pay for the Power Bill here in Etown. Guess what? The agreement was that I would do some service for somebody in or for the Ward. So been scratching my cranium for what task I might perform for our Ward. Thing is I have no idea, since I have no idea what the Ward or someone would want me to do for them. Give me some perimeters. Most of the Ward would not want me in or around their homes, so that's out. See I'm seen as a carnivor of the Ward. So then comes must be that my task must be that of the meeting house. Something needs fixed I'll do it. The bottom line the pledge from the Ward was enough to keep my candles lit until I got out of here, by the time they pull the plug I'll be in Hazzard Idaho, and next month or so pay off RMPower if for any time for what unknown reason I'd ever want to return there. Which I have no plans on, no how no way. See I'm doing something right now that very few people ever get to do, go home, and relive much of my teen and mid 20 year something life. As such it'll be a cold day in Heaven and hell, if I ever move again. In a few years my plans are on buying the tiny house I'll be living and YES , REAL LIVING, in. Not just residing in watching the world and my dreams evaporate like coffee on a metal fender. 
Any mile gotta go, long haul today.

Earache bite and every business Should operate like us in towing

So on the way back to hell which is Evanston Wyoming, I'm hauling good down old 30 just outside of Snowville Utah. When this bug about the size of a hornet on steroids decides he wants to commit suicide on my left ear, yep flew right into my ear at 70 mph and took off a small piece of my left ear.
So I limped back into Etown with a rag attatched to the side of my head, and got home here, just as Jenna was leaving the clinic. Got her to patch it up as best as she could, gave me some antihistemeins(however its spelled) which knocked me out, until just a few ago. 
Really didn't want to go up there yesterday, waiting on Shelly and her delivering, but figured I'd have my own money in by 00:30 this Friday morning took the chance and went. Took a look and its still not updated so need to cruise into the infernal bank here have a serious discussion, and find out what's up, which means two runs Saturday, one solo, and one back up with Vern Cole, Saturday morning. Then if Sweet Shelly keeps her word, go up early Sunday, there isn't that much left. Radio gear, dishes, one couch, one bed, and some small furniture. If all goes to the plan, Monday morning I'm up with the chickens, go over to Simerly's pay an old power bill from 2013 to Idaho, Power, by mid morning Monday then Cable comes, and by Monday eve, should be back here on time to roll over the 4th which for any Confederate we are far from true independence. In fact 80% of all American's are dependent on some Yankee Government agency, or some Yankee state agency for our bread and butter. I propose that there ought to be some sort, of declaration of Independence be signed between Yankee America and Confederate America. Leaving OUR heritage and liberty alone. 
In towing, there is the thing that we are a needed evil of all who drive, any kind of vehicle. Now granted few people want to think of who or what tow company to call that day, nor the issues and concerns of us in this industry. However that when there's a need any time day or night , no matter the weather we are to be called on and 90% of us respond at a moments notice. Now then shouldn't there be that REAL human on the other end of a damn phone line? Be it a bank, Government agency outside of Police and fire, and even Power Cable or other utilities. Sure there are the Emergency lines to Power companies, Natural gas companies and so on, but if there's 24 hour banking If however there's no HUMAN on the other end of that help line, they should not label themselves as truly 24 hours or available 24 hours. The old adage of Bankers Hours applies here. I have always mistrusted anything Yankee controlled including Yankee owned financial institutions, including Yankee Banks. The only and I mean ONLY reason I have a bank account is so that the damn Yankee Government can deposit my Government payments such as SSI, and of course my military pension. If it was not for that I'd never have a bank account. Oh sure there are those nice sweet bank cards, and those that are set up as collateral bank cards that means you can take out only that what is put in. But independent of any bank. Since that is what it is I need to spend a full damn day on the frigging phone and go down to this idiotic bank of Etown Wyoming, and have a rather heated conversation. My am I going to enjoy living back in rural Idaho, put all my money into a trusted bank there that is staffed and owned by the people that live there.
Just hope that I can get what's coming from Shelly Friday.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

But why can't Pinterest and others get it right?


Just about every day I will scan in my email inbox, some Picked For Me , photos from Pinterest. There is only one big problem there, outside of maybe and this is a huge maybe, that the things they suggest are far two and away from what my interests are or that of this publications readers and viewers.
The question I have is, is it just plain trolling of an automated piece of computer junk, that is choosing these suggested photos? Or is it some uninformed rookie in the updating department of Pinterest? Which ever it is I am finding a very strong parallel for much of online social sites and the foundation of what is at its core, web2.0 which enables this blog amongst other things, such as Facebook, and other sites like WordPress. That also has some very serious issues and from which I only use in that rare occasion that something Blogger don't work.  The Parallel that I find is 80% of them are nestled in the San Francisco California area. What was the nest of the hippy movement and the free expression and do it all anyway you want in what termed free love, that escalated to the AIDS and GAY movement in the early 1970's , of course it was also this all too much open minded attitude, that created much of our computer tech, and of course online social sites. While it's true Zuckerburg created Facebook in a Harvard dorm room, when he made his way west, and joined forces with the cat that created Napster, that ultimately became the Facebook that we use much more than usual, but use it we do. Of course what crumbs fell off the Duster, and became the fallout of both Google(Alphabet Companies) including YouTube that in its infancy was a totally separate company. Pinterest, and others including LinkedIn , and others followed , the trouble is once these firms got bigger the less they cared about you the endpoint consumer and more of pocketing their own wallets. With that said the trollers and information gleaners are all over the web crawls looking for both clients and victims. These trollers are what ignites the information files, of those that call you up on a late Sunday afternoon, or if your open for business wanting to fund your business. On that, any firm wanting to fund your business should be avoided as much as kissing someone with Herpies. What they do is fund you a truck load of money in exchange for your credit card payments, its similar to firms like J.G. Wentworth, that gives you a lump sum against a long term payout of money that comes from lawsuits. 
That said; I'll repeat my initial question; why is it that Pinterest and others can't get it right. I partly know why, that would require the need to hire people, and Heaven forbid they might need to hire ethnic employees. I say to Pinterest, have an idea, go ahead hire the ethnic employees, after all Burger King, and McDonald's does.


Did something happen to facebook? Why isn't my contacts or posts showing on my pages?

Have you been in such a state of absolute frustration at some tech snafu that you'd love to fly, or drive to queer bay California, walk into both Google and Facebooks HQ reach in and grab who ever it is that messed up your pages or such's settings by the throat and strangle them? Example, my contact list that usually appears to the far left of my main facebook cover page isn't showing. As such I can't see whose online or who ain't. So you go into settings but there's no listing for your problem. So you go to the HELP tab, ask a question, but guess what, they haven't a clue what your talking about. But hey it gets better, you post things in your groups, and pages, but you can't see them on YOUR newsfeed. Wuz up with that? 
At times like this it really would be good to be able to place a frigging phone call to some tech guru at either company, Either Google or Facebook, and get some sort of serious action. 
I have said it before and I'll say it again, the web might be kuel, but it can't ever replace that human connection of the brick and mortar business on main street. If you get good results and a good experience you can thank them, of course if something goes ary you can discuss the situation. It does not matter how dang much money you spend with these people these social tech giants, still can't see the forest for the trees. 
The other day, I read about the President and CEO of Facebook, stopped at the Iowa 80 Truckstop. Wish I could have been there. After smacking him around a bit, I'd make some serious suggestions, like staffing a help desk center for the clients of Facebook, so when something goes sour there's a fix somewhere. 
Any mile have a big day today, am putting off my trip to Wendell until early Wednesday, and doing some fixing on the General.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Skin lotion good for body, not good in mouth and still fighting with Google.

Earlier this overnight I nearly had a point of considering reversing going home to Hazzard, Idaho. Thing was earlier Sunday for at least 3 and a half hours, Shelly and I were feuding like ya'll can't believe. The center of this is many past experiences surfacing to the point that I'm being compared to male corpuscles she has had before. As such I'm a darling stud one minute and a traveling gigilo the next. Thing is and its the honest to God truth, the last real get down pig sex that I have had, happened in 2002 in Layton Utah at a old house that the WolfPack rented to create then AyreWolfFM. That happened when on some damn chat room I got drawn into this Cerebal Paulsey chick, who I dared to come out there to see me. To my surprise one morning I was in the tub, and there was a knock at the door. I was standing there , near buck naked in a bath towel, having to fish out I think $30.00 for her cab fare. Now to be fair, she wasn't the hottest gal on the looks department, but didn't refuse to wear nylons, and when it came to oral fun, I mean she'd Hoover everything to where you got emptied extremely well. And she was not in the least bit with holding at any time. Her problem was as Shelly is, anamoured by the Computer, I can't remember the site, but she went by the screen name, Wingsofadove. And she was online nearly 12 out of every day. The only time she stopped was to eat, sleep, have sex with me and to pee. Past that it was online she went. Shelly is nearly as bad, she just can't go a few hours without being on facebook. Not that facebook is all that bad, I am on there in most of the time to read things on groups for those of us who toew and those who turn a wrench. Granted I do have a few groups I'm into that features mostly women in nylons and a few biker groups, but over all its rides and rebels, not much else. Shelly has to devour every damn group, create some, and then if its some honey I'm into for being a cover model for my company or the WolfPack, She's all over that. Okay then.
With that being that I got a headache that would not quit. Thank Heavenly Father for enabling the medic who created Goody's Headache Powders, that and a few barley pops, and the headache went away. Which returned when one of the WolfPack toggled me and informed me that one of our listings on Google My Business was suspended. Really Google? So I went and looked. Sure as hell, something about until I submit a new confirmation number on a 3X5 card they mail you, that remains. Hmm, so there was a call me back lets get me back on the listing. So I called. Got some gal that was fumbling with English, who spoke so softly I had to turn up my earpiece on my phone. So after I scrounged up a photo of the shop and LexiBelle 
all seemed okaay just haven't heard back from the lady and/or Google. So we are currently at a stalemate. Was doing a online chess game modeled after Chess Titans, while trying to again chat with Shelly on the phone, which is about anymore getting to be a real pain. Look, friends I love my Alpha SheWolf very much. The fact that we are very apart atoms is quite noticeable , but that is the grind. She is not into serious exotic sex, trucks, rods,bikes or broadcasting. She's not into me doing casting for the WolfPack's jambs and such, but she some odd in her mind in love with me, so it ain't so bad. Its the damn fighting. Just once, if she called and wasn't accusing me of being a womanizer, I would fall over bassackwards. Last but not least here. Under my sink, there has been this tube of skin lotion conditioner stuff, that Andrea brought over once. Somehow the heat from the dishwasher made the damn stuff explode. Which meant that goo, seeped all over the floor. Which I cleaned up however in doing so, now all I can smell is that gooey stuff, and it tastes like I ate liquid chalk, yuck. Bringing this in for the landing, have you ever been so peed off at one of these so called social websites like Facebook, that if its creator was in front of you, you'd strangle the guy? I have had this thought many times of creating both a extreme search engine coupled to a similar thing as facebook, without the extreme, limitations and all that Facebook has. So been thinking of downloading everything we as both the Knytes/WolfPack, on facebook, my blog posts, videos, everything and just pulling the plug on ye ole Fakebook. So been considering once I do that, set up a business fakebook account. for the Knytes/WolfPack, and not me. Just the Knytes/WolfPack, and leave me out of it. But also creating a new social site for just us two wheeled winged warriors and do it without all the limitations and restrictions. Add what fakebook doesn't like a full on chat room, free email and blogging options. That's how my world turns, see ya'll on the cyber radio at and on at 17:00.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

And the boobs and butts keep you coming back for more

On any day, one can scan a look at a facebook newsfeed most of the time the one YOU keep up to date of those hobbies and vocations that appeal to you. If the subject matter has anything to do with performance automotive, trucks, cars, bikes or vintage warbird aircraft, you'll see after the, Where are you from, and such you will find somebody posting a photo or two of some hot looking lady in rather body favoring and not covering much of anything, just to keep you returning to see what just might give you a peep, at those lucious legs. Problem it isn't even legs, its mostly boobs and butts. So why do they do this? Simple; despite the condition of the LGTC people, if your a guy, a healthy looking display of a foxy honey gets and usually retains your attention. So if you also want to get past the obvious, lets look at the national situation. Fox News Channel's Foxes and Friends and the anchors are not there because of their expertise on news, and information, they are there to be eye candy so YOU'LL watch the channel. While an example of someone that was hired because of her beauty which is Glenn Beck and the channel on TV called BlazeTV, Tomi was hired mainly because she's one helluva great looking blonde bombshell. What impressed me of Tomi was that she really knew what she was talking about and got the message across to viewers. The only reason she was canned is she voiced on the View that she was not in favor of the U.S. Government to be invading our privacy especially in matters of reproduction. She DID not say she was in favor or disfavor of abortion. But all too many did not look before they leaped and Tomi is still in demand and welcome here at ConfederateSteele Media. 
But its eye candy, and you need and those in TV demand those they hire especially women to be hot honeys. Locally at least the Metro Utah market. FoX 13 News has several they have added on, one completely a tourist anchor on the weathercast during their newscast at 9:00PM. That is Fox 13, over at nearby and always duplicating and vice versa, KSL-5 News, has hired over the last 5 years or so, several sweet bodies both as reporters, as well as two anchors on their newscast. Do they really know news? Probably not, but my are they easy on the eyes. About the only one that was hired in the last 5 years, that does know her craft, as well as looking hotter than a yellow Corvette on a Saturday night, is Nicole Vowell. She delivers and does it with flair. Likewise one that I know very well, is Jodi Saeland. I met her back in 1997 at FoX 13, she was prepping for her weathercast, and a sales person was giving me the dollar tour. When I had the few spare minutes of her and my time that day we talked for quite a few minutes and yes, her toes in hose are very cute. More than just great looking, Jodi knows weather and I trust her weathercasts more than anyone else's problem is she's a fill in, and in my opinion, she ought to be given at least one news slots. I'm getting off topic, sorry; the fact is: its all based on eye candy. FNC bases their hires on just how short their skirts are. Despite two nationally known male news program anchors and several Fox executives getting in conduct law suits, still; the fact is, if your going to flaunt it if you don't want someone to want it. From Facebook, pages and groups to TV news, when lacking content depend on someone posting a super fox on the page. Like I said it is simply Boobs and Butts keep you coming back for more.