Friday, June 30, 2017

Excuse me, I'm not of the LGBT Community, not gay, but I am a genuine Confederate American Male, I like hot women

Excuse me, but  I am not of the queer, LGBT or other homo, community. What I am is a high octane two
legged canine, Confederate American Male that really loves women, of all hot styles and passions. If anyone wants to get my attention that is totally undivided, put a hot looking sugar babe in front of me in a mini skirt in nylons and decent heels or boots and I'll discuss anything and do just about anything ya'll want me too. I was born with a set of balls that dropped out from under my pelvic region at a very early age, problem was I had no idea what to do with it. My first crush was a gal who just so happens to be Senator Orin Hatch's R-Utah, niece Jolene Hatch. Met her at age 4 at Candy Campus pre-school in Layton Utah. Followed by Vicki Sickerea who lived across the street from us on Spurlock, Drive there in Layton, who just had to smother me in lipstick masked kissing. By age 6 I got the Peggy attachment that escalated to 8th Grade. Interscoped by Leanne Egbert aka Miss Egbert of Central Davis Junior High who wore super mini skirts, streamlined nylon hose and at minimum 6 inch heels. But I have always loved women , this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm someone that should be feared since I restrain myself, but I love the smell, taste, and all that being around women of some cosmetic and photographic quality looks affords. 
To give you a somewhat definition think of my carnal hunger, of feminitiles, as that of going to a LDS Church dinner. Food is okay, but 80% of the time the food has little spice and pizzaz. On the flip side, I like a bit of kyane pepper in the chili, get my drift here. The old song of the band Confederate Railroad, that says he likes his women a bit on the trashy side. So do I. Which is one of the many reasons, I really got into one of the young lady missionaries that visited our LDS Ward here, not only did her hair have some style, but she wore albeit by church standards but she wore perfume, and makeup. In short spicy. 
On things Church. My Bishop here, on the agreement of helping me pay for the Power Bill here in Etown. Guess what? The agreement was that I would do some service for somebody in or for the Ward. So been scratching my cranium for what task I might perform for our Ward. Thing is I have no idea, since I have no idea what the Ward or someone would want me to do for them. Give me some perimeters. Most of the Ward would not want me in or around their homes, so that's out. See I'm seen as a carnivor of the Ward. So then comes must be that my task must be that of the meeting house. Something needs fixed I'll do it. The bottom line the pledge from the Ward was enough to keep my candles lit until I got out of here, by the time they pull the plug I'll be in Hazzard Idaho, and next month or so pay off RMPower if for any time for what unknown reason I'd ever want to return there. Which I have no plans on, no how no way. See I'm doing something right now that very few people ever get to do, go home, and relive much of my teen and mid 20 year something life. As such it'll be a cold day in Heaven and hell, if I ever move again. In a few years my plans are on buying the tiny house I'll be living and YES , REAL LIVING, in. Not just residing in watching the world and my dreams evaporate like coffee on a metal fender. 
Any mile gotta go, long haul today.

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