Sunday, January 29, 2017


Before I get into things here this evening, before I put on my better dress threads, to go attend a babtism at a near by Ward of the Church, want to say some things that hit this morning, and has been rumbling around my cranium. I was all for going to Church at my usual Ward, when as I was injured getting outta the tub. Slipped on the same hip I fracktured a few months ago, so drug myself back to bed. I only woke up when need to feed came in , so got up, ate some cereal, and been watching TV ever since,. Now here's what bothers me here. Few months ago, our Bishop on a mission to rectify a financial shortage situation I really needed taken care of, explained to me that I have been called to do a task. Something to do with indexing of family history records. No problem, only how do you do that? There was supposed to be some body from the Ward to come by, the Lair here to show me what to do. Nearly 4-1/2 months nobody has shown or called. But hey that's not all. As much as many of the quorams bark on home teaching, My home teachers never come by. Don't call, and the only time I see my home teachers is at Church or by accident at Walmart. The rest of the time I'm forgotten. Every week, Brother Hutch stands at the podium, and welcomes everyone, and asks is everyone feeling welcome, so many times I want to just stand up and flat say, "Bullsbreath I don't feel welcome, in fact ostersized." This does not mean everyone or everything in Etown is against me and or the Knytes, two of those being members, and several others that do support our organization, but not the so called members of the Church. I'm not what they call the chosen few, or even the chosen many. I don't wear a suit and tie, don't drive a new or near new car or lifted truck, and as far as financial gifts? I'll pay that when a true sign of welcome is given. I'll give at any time all I have, to God, but not the church. When I hurt myself really bad the latter half of November last, there wasn't one soul from the Church that came by, granted they had no way of knowing, but some home teaching would have gleaned that. Yet, it was the Knytes members that came by, one member's old lady made sure I had my soup, took my pills and got rest. Plus kept the Coyotes off my door. This is not the first time. I know many of you have heard this long before. But back when my Mom passed on in 83 , although the crowd at Mom's funeral was huge, it was the members of the Knytes who were there to support me in my time of loss, not the Hazzard 1st Ward, that two years earlier, by a declaration of my Mom I donated enough toys to needy youth in the Ward near new toys. Many of which had never been out of their original packaging. But Did the Hazzard 1st Ward, come up and say, got anything we can do for you, a meal, sewing, wash anything? NO, but hell no. Did the Knytes? Bet your next tank of diesel they did. But they got r done, if it hadn't been for the Club, I'd have been a blubbering idiot in a rubber room.
This is one of the reasons I stick with the Club and do what I can, to help it grow and prosper. 
This afternoon, I got a post by some buttwipe in the FB group, Tow Truck Mafia West. Something about explaining what the Iron Knytes is.
I replied simply, " Are you that stupid? The Iron Knytes Toewing Association, is a mall group of 1,000 towing professionals who just so happens to love older vintage and custom tow trucks" Finding em, restoring them, driving them." Of course the Iron Knytes Toewing Association goes much deeper, working on public education and preserving our industry. Getting people to move the heck over and not kill many of us as we do our jobs. I have no idea why the bullies in the TT-Mafia wants a rumble all the time, but maybey their jealous or envious of the movement the Knytes are making. 
The fact that the Iron Knytes are a subsidiary of the Knytes-of-Dixie, and all that makes that work and has done since 1967 when the Knytes formed under the protective umbrella of a Cub Scout pack (#303) of Layton Utah. Customizing pedal bikes and mini diecast cars and such, the transisioned to mini motor bikes, to cars, to trucks, and in my case tow trucks. We do in the first few hours of a day, what many take years to do. Some tasks are completed under the principle of serious arm twisting, and others by diplomatic methods, but it does get done. Communities that have Charters of the Knytes in them, don't get the tragic situations, of terrorist attacks or riff raff violence , its only when a charter moves that hell breaks out. 
Last month was terrible for the Club and me. More tasks, low money, bad computer, means not much radio. Plus I can't be everywhere. Can't toew and be on radio at the same time. Big Rick indicated he was retiring as all organization President, hey he's hitting dang near 70 years old. With my fuddling up the finances last month including my own power bill, I withdrew my nomination of stepping up as President of the organization. As Such through a lot of convincing, Jonny Muir decided to step up and is now President elect of the Knytes. We tried to get Ben to step up, but he's too busy with Cooter's Place, so JM is the Pres elect of the Club. I'll still be in my Executive Vice President's chair , Kelly will take up duties as the main bean counter, the rest of both cabinets are yet to be filled. 
Jonny suggested that next year there ought to be a organization reunion. I agree. What Jonny really wants to see is, how many really show, and who are still dedicated to the ideals and tasks as well as duties of wearing that patch. Not just a patch display person. Jonny wants to do some organizational house cleaning. Discharge those no longer serving the Club, and promoting the ones who are. Plus getting back to what we all started as . Dedication to Dixie, the aspirations and appreciation of vintage rides and aircraft, not all of this crap. Like Jonny said on our 5 hour phone call Wednesday, your either a Knyte or your not, you can't just ride the fence. It don't work. Now we just need to find a place in one of three Mountain West states that can belly the event. Which ain't easy. Considering 250,000 bikers, truckers, aviators, and even tow-truckers. The event is slated for the late summer of 2018. 
The Iron Knytes Toewing Association, will be hosting a mini toew Jamb in the fall of this year. Besides the toew trucks, and demos. A Road Resque Technician certification class and short test will be part of that. 
Last but not least, wanna thank a toew bro, for locating the pieces for my old vintage light bar for LexiBelle . Now if I can just trace down that one battery drain, I'll have it done.
See ya'll Monday.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Things women wont tell you but you know its true, sometimes they do smell foul

Some where in the evolution of this human species, it was presented that only men smell atrosious and ALL women and even younger girls are to smell sweet and innocent. Here's a awakening. Even women smell atrosious, they do smell pew. I was at a cafe today, with one of our Knytes members. Until the wait person, can't say waitress or waiter any more its wait person, that's supposed to be the PC for the vocation. Any mile this gal who looked kinda hot, came over and lifted her arms, to serve our food. My did she have the noodle soup smell under her arms. It was so bad I excused myself and went to the latrine and hurled. Then there are those medical conditions that plague all humans. Example, I have type-2 diabetes. There are times when Herman don't know when to stop leaking. So you go down the road in the truck, smelling like a open box of Golden Grahams cereal, since the glucose and sugars are having a slight disagreement. Your crotch really smells. There are times your nose gets what is called nose blind. You don't notice that the foul smell your inhaling just is YOU, not your co-pilot. Damn you stink. 
Of course there are other things, like when you have longer hair like I do, long hair is a rebel thing. Any mile, sometimes you get a knot in your hair,. Usually if I can see it in a mirror, I'll just cut it out with sizzors. However if its way in the back I can't see so I have to try and comb or brush it out. But how do women get those tangles out? Is there a creme rinse that will work? Women do not tell you these things. Then of course getting back to the foul scents.
Now since I was maybe 7 years old and introduced to the menu of thrills of a gal in stockings and legs foul scents never ever entered my nostrils or mind. However there was one night I was home in Hazzard. So my Shewolf at the time came in, and my she was really pew. So we watching some goofy thing on TV, BC(BC=Before Cable) and Britney Spears was on there dancing. These guys were holding Brit over their heads and you could see Brit was really sweating, and I though, " I wonder if she has really bad body odor. Since my own at the time, Shewolf really stunk. I thought does Britney Spears also smell pew? So I presented the question on my then over the air radio show of all things trucking and toewing, for all the ladies that were listeners, to send in their worst smelliest garments, and our crew would smell and evaluate and choose a winner, of the great smelly contest. Winner got a show T shirt and new set of tires. What we got in return was both genders sending things in and it defeated our concept. Thing is this started the quest of, do women really smell foul, and us guys just become nose blind? Or do they all smell but never tell? 
Had a good day for the most part today. Finally did some laundry, so now after months have clothes that don't smell foul, like they were in a livestock trailer under a box full of manure. 
A few of the fellers on a Vintage tow truck site on FB. A few might have the lightbar motor and bracket I'm looking for. Sure I can rip it apart , put in some new pieces, but I'd like to keep Lexi original, so I'm on a serious hunt for one.
Got a thing from SheWolf, this morning; commenting on the what would happen if I did some how reunite with Peggy. I don't think that anything on the lines of romance or he or she'n would go on, but it would be interesting, to learn what ever happened to her. Like wise Cindi Bosche , last time I saw Cindi, she was doing managerial duties at Tom's Market in Clearfield, Utah. Jonny was telling me about Dawn's sister. Now understand whilest I did have a unquenchable crush on Peggy, one of the gals Peggy hung around with was this super leggy gal named Dawn Odle. Who a few years ago now was killed in a traffic wreck. However at the time, Dawn as my mom noticed one day at a visit to my class, that Dawn wore a training bra. What is a training bra? And what does it train? There is no clear explaination on what a trainer bra, trains. Nor why women need to wear bras in the first place. The same question I have as to why, women don't or wont wear nylons any more. The part reason SOME women wear nylon hosiery is that it pleases us male corpuscles. 
Yes there are things that women wont tell you, but that you know is true, and yes there are times they do smell pew and really foul. After all, ever smell a vagina fart? Like Bro once said, vagina fart, smells like burned toast.

Friday, January 27, 2017

YeeHaw its Friday.

It's finally Friday, after a week of total BS, I'm finally ready to relax, except hey, when others go to relax, that's when I really go to work, not that I'm just sitting still the rest of the week, but its recreation time for the countless 4 wheel and some 18 wheeled nincomepoops that turn off their brains when they turn on their ignitions. Its only the engine of their cars that get a spark, not the insides of their cranium. 
Yesterday was really great, spent 4 hours talking to the President elect of the Knytes. We were going over memories and old history, even got a bit of 411 of where Peggy Ann is, and that she might, I say might, be at our alumni reunion next year. That'd knock the frost off the pumpkin. Last time I saw Peggy Ann was years ago when I rented Shop space from her Dad and Uncle. I can't say what would happen if I saw her. Peggy was my first crush, from the time I met her in 2nd grade all the way to 8th Grade. She's always going to have a corner space in my heart. No SheWolf has nothing to fear there, but old flames can reignite. Of course Jonny and I talked cars and rides we have had. Jonny sold for a paultry, $2,000.00 a mint condition, Shelby GT 500 CS Mustang. Original sequential tail lights, that today would be worth at minimum of $500k if not more. Nearly as stupid as my Gen Lee getting sold by my queer xyl Suzi. Jonny now rides a Harley bagger, all dressed out, drives a wicked Chevy, 4X4 proudly sporting club colors, so my intentions are to spend quality time wrenching on General JaXson, so I can cruise down to Layton and have a real visit. Found out that Jonny's shewolf's Dad is an attorney in Burley, Idaho. Tell you anything? Shit is going to hit the fan in reverse.
I will say, that catching up the where's and why's of all the Utah Charters members and all are doing and history was terrific. As it sits right now there are plans being drafted to have a Club, reunion next year in Utah somewhere, near the point of construction. Problems are pretty simple, Utah's booze laws, Utah's Boobs laws and space. After all where are you going to house, feed, and party 250,000 bikers, aviators and truckers? Hold on to your bra straps, this is going to be intense. If you think the reunions on SOA were something, you have never seen what happens when the Knytes converge in one place.
Any body know of about 1,000 exotic dancers that have nothing to do in September of 2018? If so lets get em in touch with ye ole Wolf.
Speaking of Bras , finally a bra made for women with men in mind. The makers of womens fashions have finally got the idea, that amongst the most difficult things a guy can do, we simply can't unfasten a bra from the back, so now they're making them that unfasten and all from the front 
 Its about time. It goes back to that old song, if it has tires or breasts a man is going to have trouble with it. In My case its I can fix the tires, just can't undo bras. 
Well I gotta cruise , need to go fetch asswipe and something to fill my belly.

My what a PC nation we live in, or is it just here?

My what a PC world or at least a nation we live in. Or is it just here where I reside and hang my hat? Dig this, was on FB checking to see if our Texas Angel was on there since I'm worried that she might not be okay. So there was this posting on some group I got hood swinked in to joining. The request was post your latest selfie. You know the pics we take of ourselves using a Cell phone. So in a bit was a pic of a nice looking young lady, so to make her welcome, I commented her as just being pretty. No more, no model invite no nothing just sharing a observed opinion that she is pretty. Soon after was this old fart on there saying GTFOH. Excuse me? I just said she was pretty. If it were reversed, I'd just reply, thank ya mam, and let it go. However this is not the first time that this has happened. In my end of the planet, is this wireless Internet service provider, called NGL. When I first stepped into dear sweet Etown here, and signed up with them, I was astounded as to the efficient and kind way she treated me, and yes I did think she too was pretty. So I told her that, plus mentioned it on a entry to the HazzardAyre Gazzette. Not only did this compliment offend the young lady of maybe 19 years old, but she thought I was approaching her. Really? Has it came to that today? Can we not just be kind to someone without it being viewed as sexual or something? Sheesh. Then over at the local Coldwell Banker Realty Company, the lady who is the CEO there, is a head turner, and I mentioned it once or twice when she was showing me and some associates places for both the Reaper Club, and the radio werx. Shute, you'd have thought that telepathicly I was ripping off her tight little pants, clearing off her desk and slamming the salami to her right there. Again is this what our population has arrived at? Can't one just be caring and kind, if not give compliments without someone getting the improper vibe or conjuring up a mental picture of something foul? For some odd unknown reason over in my home town of Twin Falls Idaho, giving a genuine compliment as to how good a job they do or did on a task, or how nice they looked is not looked at as being improper in any way. The compliment is taken for what it is and that be done. One of our Lady Wolvez, Amber who I met at the then Radio Shack there, while I was buying radio gear to inaugurate HazzardAyre Radio, was very helpful and efficient. Afterwerds she invited me to coffee there in the Magic Valley Mall there(yes they still exist) it was no more, no less and yet over here everyone runs in a panic. Is it that Idaho in general is more adjusted? Or is it that many places in Idaho hold on for old fashioned values, and traditions, or is it that for many of these domesticated well sort of domesticated States-of-America? Or is there a secret there, that the rest of the nation is so on edge that there's a hidden notion, if a guy just say's hello, that women mostly go into a strange direction? This Political Correctness is going to injure this nation far more than any terrorist attack. The thirst for blood is going to come from within. 
Hope Texas Angel is okay, will let ya'll know later today.
Later Ya'll,

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Will this Wolf Survive, it's lights out at the Wolf's Lair

Well it looks as I've hit another brick wall. Despite creative accounting of funds, didn't get the power bill paid. And despite her greatest efforts our Texas Angel through no fault of her own, and all those that say they support the Cause of Dixie liberty and all no one has any real cash. So come Friday, maybe Monday its lights out here at the Wolf's Lair. You'd think given the situation, with winter and all that unplugging me just oweing a mere $100.00 bucks they'd back off, but nope. So its be in the dark at home here, off to the shop during the day, freeze to death, and if all goes right, by this time next month, there will be a funeral, mine. Terrbile ain't it? Man serves in the Marines, flys I can't count how many missions over 5 tours in different places, gets shot at by everything from a Arab patriot, to a guided SAM, and yet, because of some people, that say oh yes, don't or can't forgo their dope or beer money. But at least I got saved by a Club member, so I'm good until the 1st of the month. My question for ya'll is where the hell are you? Does anyone in the seccession movement or southern movement ready to jump in, sacrifice a bar night and support the voice of all things Dixie? And don't tell me you can't cause I know that you can. Here's the thing, this is no different than a few other times the Knytes has reached out for help from those who say they support us. Only two are making an effort, our Texas Angel, and my SheWolf, taking food and other money, of theirs and sending it to the club to build this cause and its voice.
I've said it once and I'll say it again, are you really dedicated to our southern movement or are you just JAFO'S, A JAFO means, Just Another Fucking Observer.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

HK Edgerton "I Am Their Flag" with the Tennessee Division Color Guard

You Know your getting old when you remember the Partridge Family or CB Radios

The ending of another day. A chance for me to slip off my boots, grab a few Dewshine's and catch some TV.
I'm not yet to the 60 mark, still plenty of fyre in my furnace, but I'm also starting to look and feel my age. Although I can remember things that were all too long ago, immediate memory is not that good, I forget what I went into the kitchen for. Or can't remember what I stopped at the store for. I do remember the 70's 80's and all the way back to when I was much younger when Star Trek the original series started. I remember the Partridge Family and falling in love with Shirley Jones the mother on that series which was a terrible retry on the series called the Monkee's that was also an attempt to duplicate the family group called the Cowsills. The Cowsills helped create both the movie Hair, as well as did the theme song to Love American Style, which was a spin off , of Love on a Rooftop a sorta night drama on ABC TV. Of course I can also remember , the TV series Room 222, which starred Karen Valentine who in my opinion had hotter legs than Daisy Duke. I can also remember Federal Signal light bars, like the incredible VisaBar that was two Federal Beacon Rays, on a small piece of extruded aluminium with a small chain that made them rotate at the same speed and at the same time. 
Of course I remember in the day toy CB radios, hand helds the size of a pack of smokes and base station, that I modified with two transformers made a power amp, and a different antenna, shit I was talking to Aussies. I also remember my first bike, it was called a big wheel, and no it wasn't a kids trike, it was a bike that had a large tire in the back, a smaller one in front with a slight rake to it, and a 5 speed gear shift and a parking brake. Why the hell you needed a parking brake on a pedal bike I never knew but it looked cool. I had a small battery powered AM radio on the handlebars and a red beacon ray light on the front. And yes a mini CB on it as well. As long as I was peddaling I had a CB. 
Any more I feel my age, I remember too much, my fingers go into spasms due to type 2 diabetes, I need to squirt more often, and if it ain't fried, I wont eat it. As it was said in a song by the Old Dawgs, No matter how well or not that you take care of yourself eventually your still going to die, in my thoughts that being the case, I'm going to enjoy life as I like it. 
Two small items of business, no we have not won, but getting two nominations is great, two for Grammy's , one for the most innovative online radio station, one for the most progressive online radio network. Not bad. 
More in the AM I'm really tyred.

Dixie Nation / IKT report

Morning to ya'll on a still very fridgid Tuesday. Still juggling financials, both myself and our Texas Angel are a bit tapped not just a bit, but very tapped. Oh don't get me wrong the Knytes are intact, and solvent thing is we're just starting to climb out a tossed financial river of 2015/16. When I set things up with our Texas Angel, we really had a good direction, but then two of our officers in charge of such things as money for the Knytes, died. One in the air, and one not too far from here. With cleaning up the money path from mid year 2016, and the attorney's tapping most everything in Texas, the year did not start well. The old saying of, if your going to dance you gotta pay the fiddler, and we are, but it does not leave much in the way of extra ciricular money. For the last 4 months, since SheWolf stumbled on her payment with NO fault of her own, but that of some pay card she has with holding money from her and thus the Club, I have been snagging $300.00 from two different fast cash pay day advance places here. Usually if I can get to it before they do on Payday I'm okay, but that hasn't been the usual. Plus $120.00 each month for the carrier service for HazzardAyre Radio, plus my computer working by a breath and a prayer, can't be consistent with HazzardAyre, means no ad revenue and thus spinning in the mud without any traction. If that wasn't enough, I'm paying roughly $300.00 a month in Internet/Cable fees, and no I don't get anywhere near what I'm paying for. Heck I remember in Utah, at Comcast, we were getting right at 150mbps down and 100mbps up, and only were paying $130.00 a month. Even in Idaho I wasn't paying this much. Makes you wonder why and I do appreciate them , but why AllWest, ran fiber optic, out Wasatch and out Yellow Creek Road, but couldn't find their way to run same out to where I'm at on west Highway 150. With 4 living complexes, one huge office complex and a big firehouse, you'd think the gurus, at AllWest would run out fiber optic here. It hasn't happened, and most likely wont even long after I get transplanted back to Twin falls Idaho come spring. No matter what excuse they give, I don't get, and ain't it funny? So when our Texas Angel was doing these pillows and all, my brain thought, hey collectables of the Club and cause. Sell em for roughly $100.00 or so a piece, take out the costs and split the rest between her and the Club, notice here, that I don't get one cent of it. As for me, every month out of a mere, $735.00 plus odd change from the Club, but as a general rule, split between myself and SheWolf, there's a tad over $1,400.00 a month. When I pay my child support of $400.00, shop rent (club pays utilities for shop) of $750.00, $120.00 for the distribution of HazzardAyre, and my rent for my domicile and utilities including cable/internet, I have left right at maybe $50.00 left over. This does not allow much free money. So anything extra coming in helps. Our nation is undergoing a great time of change. Some good, some bad and a lot of in between. The dream, of sitting on the porch on a quiet day, watching the wild critters do their thing is over. Good memory, but still its all but over. Our nation is in a quandry of the rich get, the poor suffer and the in between have no clue. The Knytes and I are in the no clue point. Sure there are places and all that what the Knytes are doing might germinate faster, and where there's more manure to spread on it. Etown Wyoming ain't the place. Would I love to skin and cut out the innerds of the guy who conned me to come here in the first place? Yes. Would I love to have the $500.00 plus for all the rent I spent on a dog house out on the Wyoming desert that even one LDS Bishop said he wouldn't house a dog in? Yes. Do I wish I could get that $500.00 plus back? Yes but hell yes, and does the township of Etown owe me a refund for even trying? Hell yes. Will I ever get that? No, but it'd be nice. But heck Etown's city council treasury is so broak, it can't pay much if anything at all. One of my associates at Coldwell Banker yesterday said he'd have us up and running. Okay , great. How about coughing up serious cash to make it happen. Sure in Twin Falls, Idaho or even Utah, things were costly, the difference is you can make it back and with a profit. Here in Etown its just always pouring money in, not much if any return on that investment. 
I'll be back later this afternoon. As for this morning, after smacking myself in the jaw with a jack handle, and a half pint of Jack and Perocet , I'm not firing too well this morning. 
But I need to make a notation here before I go, for a Operations Director had to go out of state(Texas Angel), Wife, out of state(SheWolf), on air aid and tech, out of state(Cody), the only thing as far as HazzardAyre is concerned that I got locally was when our LDS Ward Bishop, spent ward money to fetch the radio gear from Woods Cross Utah, and haul it here to Etown. If you were faced with my odds, would you stay? As it is come June if not before, this old Wolf and all is going home to Idaho, I'm tired of it. 


Monday, January 23, 2017

Hitting one's self in the jaw with jack handle results in tooth pull ouch!!

Changing out brakes on a rig this afternoon, the handle of my hydraulic jack decided to kiss me right in the jaw, resulting in severe pain, a bit of blood spilling on the floor, and a trip to the Doc, who had me go to a dentist to have the tooth pulled. Since the tooth was split in two, they had to do two extractions, so to say my jaw hurts is an understatement. 
Okay then heard that Tomi is over in Park City at the film festival, wanted to go, but, no go fluid(gas) to go, and with my mouth feeling like hell decided I'd pass , but did invite her up on a Tweet. 
Approved a design for coffee cups from our Texas Angel, and while they are keen , next bunch I'm going to have done with the Bikers prayer, should be a hit this year at Sturgis.
The last time I had a tooth pulled was in 2008 when Obama snookered himself into the White House. Then it was nothing, hell I was younger and a bit more robust than I am now. With my stress level a level 5, and trying to figure out if remaining in Etown here or moving home to Twin Falls Idaho, would be better in both financial resources as well as the human resources, and giving up on a project that I have went through hell attempting here in Etown, to do is a major decision. One of my associates at the local Coldwell Banker Realty Company here, was conversing with me earlier on FB. This is where the rubber meets the broken snow floor. If he and at least 20 or even 10 local business's would buy ads on HazzardAyre Radio for a mere $100.00 a piece, I'd be much more encouraged in remaining here. As it is, I'm barely scratching a slim return on my investment. Just like the tow service here. Sure we get a lot of calls , but with running only 4 trucks, and expenses keeping them operational two of which are in the shop needing work, and two being heavies, unless a big rig turns over, no calls. As it is we're making expenses but not much if any over the top for wages or any kind of profit. Likewise getting people to be on air with me, as well as doing solo shows, the last one I had left due to the Clickish and clannish attitude of Etown here, and if I'm on air and need to answer a tow call , it means , go to a program feed, praying that the computer holds together until I get back, and don't get me talking about tech support. I had one that was super, but we hadn't made enough to pay her , so she left. The list goes on. Just like I tell people on FB, want something to succeed? Open your wallet. Now understand, I know things are tough for everybody, but I also see the kinds and amounts people spend at a bar on a Saturday night here and elsewhere. If just 20 people took the same amount on supporting HazzardAyre Radio here in Etown as well as on some groups on FB, that they spend on brewskies at the bar, just once a month, the station would become more solid. As it is we're still supported in part by firms in Utah and Idaho. Where the hell is Wyoming, especially Etown. I will refrain on some of the costly amounts we as a Club have spent on people that never fully intended to become part of this radio operation, here in Etown. One was a quasay partner of the shop. Both wanted to rework the shop in their own way, as such LexiBelle was ignored. I'm not talking about Rick , but two others who ran up bills, but never gave anything back to help pay for the shop, expenses like heat and lights. Two hussies, that cost me time and real money. The kinds of human resources we need just are not here in Etown, the few that could wont, so toss it to the wind. In Twin Falls, all I needed to do to get people to break a sweat at HazzardAyre Radio, was bark a bit at the Depot Grill, or at Gearheads,(Club owned bar & Grill in Hazzard) and I'd have ten people show up 5 that I could put to the tasks. Here, nope. Same thing in Woods Cross Utah as well as Ogden Utah. Like my associate friend at Coldwell Banker said it earlier, its time that Etown pulled its head out of its collective ass's. Any mile, need to take more meds and head to bed.


RodeWolf's Toew Jamb

Got some mind relief today, our Texas Angel was able to dredge up some money to cover the local power bill. However still have some sabers hanging over my head but I'll manage. 
I had an idea in my head. With our industry moving towards using more web straps rather than chains, I thought why not invent a fastening system onto a sling bar and a J hook at the other end, that way one can sling a truck, without scratching a undercarriage or bumper. Ratchet up my friends. Then I thought too, why not slightly lengthen a sling bottom bar attach some ends then wheel lift bars with buckets to cage the tires, Kind of a sling/wheel-lift combination. While there's times a rollback only serves in some situations, still a conventional toew truck is just what's needed so why not make the most of it? 
Then in amongst my brainstorming, I get this phone call from the Salavating Army, from a request for LEAP. Guess what friends, even with being on a fixed income of a little over $8k, a year, from my military disability, apparently that's over their income level. So let's go over this; to qualify for LEAP, you have to be 60 years old, (okay I'm only two shy of that) be single,(only for a short term) OWN your home,(not yet) , no consideration of being discharged military(USMC) and only making, as I said, less than $8K (on paper) a year. This all brings me to a point of order here. One of the things that the AyreWolvez the air wing subsidiary of the Knytes, is working on a project to have reserve funding, for just such things. In essence a emergency fund for All Military, no matter branch of service, that we who have served this nation, can tap into in the case of emergency or need, such as utility, medical, house payment or rent assistance and so on. Business start up, or education assistance in other words a dedicated no bull program to give back to those who gave their(our) all, in service to an ungreatful nation. 
Finally, The Knytes-of-Dixie as well as all units of the Club, is reapplying for a 501(3c) Tax exemption. Maybe with a new administration in the White House, we might get somewhere. Final landing here; I still am amazed at all the so called supporters to resurrect Dixie, and all things attached to it, yet to date except for Current Knytes members as well as our Texas Angel, and SheWolf digging into their meesly incomes to donate to the Knytes to raise our voice box HazzardAyre Radio and get a real southener into the White House in 2020. As our Texas Angel said it best, its time for all those that truly support the cause to put up or shut up, the way I say it, shit or get off the pot.
Stay Tuned,

Sunday, January 22, 2017

All the news that is news from the Wolf's Lair

I was going to title this I'm glad nobody else has my life, but I'm not one to drown in self pity. I just move on.
Had a great morning yesterday into afternoon doing some radio shows and was running on all cylinders as far as radio and computer things. But as it would be, computer decided to puke going into early evening. Around 5:00PM my time after I got off air, decided to go out to the shop to spend quality time with LexiBelle, then got a service call up into a canyon. So off I went. Once there found that I was stuck, and here stuck means a hour at best for one of my crew to come fetch me. This is routine. But near 18:00 once I had waited for as long as I could with no cell service, I tried to pull myself out of the snow drift I was in, but at the same time shook a tree so bad got buried to the point we had triggered a small avalanche. Fortunately my crew figured out what was wrong and came and figured where I was and at 23:00 hours, we all were headed home, wet, cold, tired , but alive. All through the thing SheWolf kept calling but signal came in , but did not go out. So could call back out or answer. Things in this part of the blooming union, are just that way. While there has always been promised an improvement on rural small area infrastructure that's all it has been. Even with the new President, out here in the west and mountain areas are just here to exist as best as we can. I heard all about the promise of getting people off of welfare and government aid, but I heard no mention, of Trump, getting the BLM Bearue of Land Management out of Wyoming, so we could start mining coal for energy again here. Which WOULD put people here back to work, both from mining to all the support business's that would be resurrected. During the Bush administration all we heard was how we were to get a Government supported broadband wireless Internet. That's why all those TV stations were forced to vacate analog signals and convert to digital, as a result, you had to buy a new TV set, yet the real thing, a FCC land grab of air spectrum for who? Big Cell phone companies, not us on laptop or desktop computers, nothing like a tiered Internet, as was promised, think Trump is going to reverse that? Think again, Trump is in bed with big business, and that includes A.T.&.T, and Verizon. Trump is a big proponent of opening Wolf hunting, in northern Idaho and Montana and Wyoming. Whose in charge there? Big business livestock producers scared of having their huge herds picked off by wolves. FYI, A wolf unless really hungry will not attack, or harvest a well animal, a wolf will only hunt for those animals already in peril, either from injury,, or other malady. So hearing about Government saying go kill the wolves just for sport? The idea that Americans could accept killing wolves for sport, is near like Americans accepting the Government G men killing Bundy . In both cases it wasn't Bundy's fault he was there in Oregon, nor the Wolves in the Mountain West. At least here in the Mountain West, people can pack heat, with our open carry laws allowing such, the wolves don't have that option. 
Then yesterday during my show I popped on to a posting of our Texas Angel, and threw in a comment, however our Texas Angel, jumped my butt on it. Most times I would just have said, you invited me to the party , I'm going to howl, but with our Texas Angel I just said oops and let it go. But with our Texas Angel I just accepted and let it go. 
Okay then, on the Florida coast. SheWolf, was bitching at me all afternoon about so much self pity that I finally didn't answer her texts. Most of it was directed at our Texas Angel, getting all the perky assignments. The thing is that is bullstuff. I put SheWolf in charge of PR and advertising for the club. SheWolf has no idea what that entails. Its not just scavenging models for stuff, its getting in touch with ad agencies, TV stations to get ad rates, placing ad orders, finding venues in our area for events, its not just getting honeys . Then she was all "you don't want me doing anything" she said, My final replies was centered on, once she gains the business acumen and skills, to network with other people can she be allowed to go solo. You don't pilot a helicopter without learning how to fly, you don't fix a truck until you learn how to use a wrench, and you don't become the director of PR, without learning from other people already doing it within our organization or reading up on it, heck she has no idea how to really use a computer, so she at least has to learn that. So do I want my lady to be involved? Hell yes, but not going solo, as an example the thing on that Wrecker page on Facebook, she put up the wrong post on the wrong place. I know welcome to my world.
I'm thrilled as can be with our Texas Angel, in ways I can't relate without a tear of joy or two. Now if we could only get Krispy Kream to start delivering donuts to Wyoming and Utah again, I could have a bearclaw with my coffee.