Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You Know your getting old when you remember the Partridge Family or CB Radios

The ending of another day. A chance for me to slip off my boots, grab a few Dewshine's and catch some TV.
I'm not yet to the 60 mark, still plenty of fyre in my furnace, but I'm also starting to look and feel my age. Although I can remember things that were all too long ago, immediate memory is not that good, I forget what I went into the kitchen for. Or can't remember what I stopped at the store for. I do remember the 70's 80's and all the way back to when I was much younger when Star Trek the original series started. I remember the Partridge Family and falling in love with Shirley Jones the mother on that series which was a terrible retry on the series called the Monkee's that was also an attempt to duplicate the family group called the Cowsills. The Cowsills helped create both the movie Hair, as well as did the theme song to Love American Style, which was a spin off , of Love on a Rooftop a sorta night drama on ABC TV. Of course I can also remember , the TV series Room 222, which starred Karen Valentine who in my opinion had hotter legs than Daisy Duke. I can also remember Federal Signal light bars, like the incredible VisaBar that was two Federal Beacon Rays, on a small piece of extruded aluminium with a small chain that made them rotate at the same speed and at the same time. 
Of course I remember in the day toy CB radios, hand helds the size of a pack of smokes and base station, that I modified with two transformers made a power amp, and a different antenna, shit I was talking to Aussies. I also remember my first bike, it was called a big wheel, and no it wasn't a kids trike, it was a bike that had a large tire in the back, a smaller one in front with a slight rake to it, and a 5 speed gear shift and a parking brake. Why the hell you needed a parking brake on a pedal bike I never knew but it looked cool. I had a small battery powered AM radio on the handlebars and a red beacon ray light on the front. And yes a mini CB on it as well. As long as I was peddaling I had a CB. 
Any more I feel my age, I remember too much, my fingers go into spasms due to type 2 diabetes, I need to squirt more often, and if it ain't fried, I wont eat it. As it was said in a song by the Old Dawgs, No matter how well or not that you take care of yourself eventually your still going to die, in my thoughts that being the case, I'm going to enjoy life as I like it. 
Two small items of business, no we have not won, but getting two nominations is great, two for Grammy's , one for the most innovative online radio station, one for the most progressive online radio network. Not bad. 
More in the AM I'm really tyred.

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