Friday, January 27, 2017

YeeHaw its Friday.

It's finally Friday, after a week of total BS, I'm finally ready to relax, except hey, when others go to relax, that's when I really go to work, not that I'm just sitting still the rest of the week, but its recreation time for the countless 4 wheel and some 18 wheeled nincomepoops that turn off their brains when they turn on their ignitions. Its only the engine of their cars that get a spark, not the insides of their cranium. 
Yesterday was really great, spent 4 hours talking to the President elect of the Knytes. We were going over memories and old history, even got a bit of 411 of where Peggy Ann is, and that she might, I say might, be at our alumni reunion next year. That'd knock the frost off the pumpkin. Last time I saw Peggy Ann was years ago when I rented Shop space from her Dad and Uncle. I can't say what would happen if I saw her. Peggy was my first crush, from the time I met her in 2nd grade all the way to 8th Grade. She's always going to have a corner space in my heart. No SheWolf has nothing to fear there, but old flames can reignite. Of course Jonny and I talked cars and rides we have had. Jonny sold for a paultry, $2,000.00 a mint condition, Shelby GT 500 CS Mustang. Original sequential tail lights, that today would be worth at minimum of $500k if not more. Nearly as stupid as my Gen Lee getting sold by my queer xyl Suzi. Jonny now rides a Harley bagger, all dressed out, drives a wicked Chevy, 4X4 proudly sporting club colors, so my intentions are to spend quality time wrenching on General JaXson, so I can cruise down to Layton and have a real visit. Found out that Jonny's shewolf's Dad is an attorney in Burley, Idaho. Tell you anything? Shit is going to hit the fan in reverse.
I will say, that catching up the where's and why's of all the Utah Charters members and all are doing and history was terrific. As it sits right now there are plans being drafted to have a Club, reunion next year in Utah somewhere, near the point of construction. Problems are pretty simple, Utah's booze laws, Utah's Boobs laws and space. After all where are you going to house, feed, and party 250,000 bikers, aviators and truckers? Hold on to your bra straps, this is going to be intense. If you think the reunions on SOA were something, you have never seen what happens when the Knytes converge in one place.
Any body know of about 1,000 exotic dancers that have nothing to do in September of 2018? If so lets get em in touch with ye ole Wolf.
Speaking of Bras , finally a bra made for women with men in mind. The makers of womens fashions have finally got the idea, that amongst the most difficult things a guy can do, we simply can't unfasten a bra from the back, so now they're making them that unfasten and all from the front 
 Its about time. It goes back to that old song, if it has tires or breasts a man is going to have trouble with it. In My case its I can fix the tires, just can't undo bras. 
Well I gotta cruise , need to go fetch asswipe and something to fill my belly.

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