Monday, January 2, 2017

The True story of the Wolf and Wolvez

As we pull the trucks into the shop and get our needed sleep, I thought I'd put this out here so that those new to our organization might understand who and what we are, since the description section on Facebook is a bit to small to tell the entire story.
Back in 1998 our radio network was running a syndicated radio news show called Overdrive Truckers Top ten Countdown hosted by legendary Bill Mack of WBAP out of Fort Worth Texas. When that show was on its last breath we created a show, called Maximum Overdrive Radio. Due to many reasons I was looking for a better on air radio handle. I started out with the Road Dog, but that had been copyrighted by a friend at XM Sirius, so I started thinking, and my better half at the time suggested that the higher end of that canine species was and is the Wolf. So RoadWolf was created. that ran until 2003 and I respelled the name because of the way the on TV bar of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with Bill Engval and Foxworthy. They had the Rode House, so I started redoing it. In 2001 however I had stumbled upon a place that restored old vintage military aircraft in Jerome Idaho. When I learned what that made in investment return I thought hey I'm in the wrong business. So we began to open a facility in Utah that we called AyreWolf Aviation and Restoration. Just as we did when we opened the real honest to goodness Hazzard County Garage, with the Hazzard County Knytes, the AyreWolvez was created as a enthusiasts organization. Likewise for our over the road trucker customers and supporters of our shop, Rode Wolf Truck & Diesel Shop, we as a company created a organization called the RodeWolvez. Now for me. When I was doing tires at Deseret Transportation of Utah, the trucking company of the LDS Church, one of my supervisors said once that I was indeed the Wolf in amongst the Sheep. Or in this case the rebel of the church. The same words were repeated by then Profit and head of the Church, President Hinckley . the terms stuck, and thats the story of the Wolvez and me of the Wolf-Pack and me being the Wolf. Aka, the Rode(Ayre)Wolf. 

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