Saturday, January 7, 2017

Attention Women !! Do you know your mans anatomy as well as you think you do?

Attention women !! Do you know your mans anatomy as well as you think you do? Consider that although the delivery method might be a bit obscure, still a man carries all the equipment to germinate a fetus and bring a infant to term. I used to think this theory was bogus, until Doc Hansen in Rupert one day during an exam, explained to me that yes in fact a male corpuscle can indeed carry to term. With that in mind, he also explained that three times a year, a man will experience The symptoms of a period. The cramps, water weight gain and moodiness . Like women, Midol, and such does help, so if your guy this time of year is a bit more tense , realize he's having his period. While men do not secrete fluids like a woman, everything else about the event applies. The ending of this, usually in his late 50's early 60's is called ManoPause, while a woman's is called MenoPause. Just like you ladies once its done for that time of the year, he desires sex more than he did before, that's why this event happens at the start of Spring, the beginning of Fall and the near end of winter. Especially if its seriously cold. 
Okay then, Tv Report.
Is it just me? Or has Television gone into the toilet? Used to be reruns used to go from the middle of May into the midst part of August. However whether its cable TV, broadcast, which I don't watch except for the news is all infomercials and reality shows. I want to see the one hour dramas, that I and many enjoyed as kids. See down on the farm we were lucky to have one maybe on a good day two TV channels. TV was our window to the world beyond Hazzard. Not only the Dukes, but Boy Meets World, the Wonder Years, Happy Days, and the like. Today TV is all to much junk. Not saying there's not some ports in the storm. Velocity Channel is terrific . However I'm seeing shows there , that were done in 2014 on PowerBlock, as well as on the Old SpeedTV network before SpeedTV became FS1. 
We We started with 9 people that are gearheads. Based the Club on two Hollywierd productions, one being the Dukes-of-Hazzard and the other a hit movie called the Hollywood Knights, hence our reworked word Knytes. Any way there was a point that arrived in a small TV ad for the tow service partly is owned by the Club, and myself. The ad involved me kissing a hot looking woman's toes, and because of censorship at the time, the woman had to be wearing nylons. Now with that said, and its ironic, Highway Hooker Radio, along with RodeWolf Radio, originated in office space here in Evanston in a foot doctors complex. So feet especially toes in nylons has become somewhat a staple. When we first contracted to being the ONLY radio show to air Sex With Sue , by Sue Rogers from Canada, I asked her to do me a favor, I said as a spoof, put some well worn and smelly nylons of hers in a envelope and send it to me for decoration for the studio. Which she did. Now in the tiny town of Bliss Idaho rests a bikers bar called Angels and Outlaws. The firm request of that establishment by any hot woman patronizing the bar is to leave some sort of her underwear, bra, panties , or yes, nylons. So I said since we as a main stay for all that's towing to hang in the studio as much nylons that are really female scented . So I pitched this several times to our Sister from Texas, since we are doing pillows etc, why not do a stinky nylon pillow, for the studio. 
In closing here, gals, do you really know your mans anatomy? He like you 3 times a year has a period.  Next Television has gone into the toilet, but there is a light on the horizon, with a thing we call HazzardAyre TV, we are pitching the channel at this years National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas Nevada in April, hope we can have our stinky 
 pillow and the rest of em for display by then, maybe have our Texas Sister there showing them off. 
Until next time.

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