Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Will this Wolf Survive, it's lights out at the Wolf's Lair

Well it looks as I've hit another brick wall. Despite creative accounting of funds, didn't get the power bill paid. And despite her greatest efforts our Texas Angel through no fault of her own, and all those that say they support the Cause of Dixie liberty and all no one has any real cash. So come Friday, maybe Monday its lights out here at the Wolf's Lair. You'd think given the situation, with winter and all that unplugging me just oweing a mere $100.00 bucks they'd back off, but nope. So its be in the dark at home here, off to the shop during the day, freeze to death, and if all goes right, by this time next month, there will be a funeral, mine. Terrbile ain't it? Man serves in the Marines, flys I can't count how many missions over 5 tours in different places, gets shot at by everything from a Arab patriot, to a guided SAM, and yet, because of some people, that say oh yes, don't or can't forgo their dope or beer money. But at least I got saved by a Club member, so I'm good until the 1st of the month. My question for ya'll is where the hell are you? Does anyone in the seccession movement or southern movement ready to jump in, sacrifice a bar night and support the voice of all things Dixie? And don't tell me you can't cause I know that you can. Here's the thing, this is no different than a few other times the Knytes has reached out for help from those who say they support us. Only two are making an effort, our Texas Angel, and my SheWolf, taking food and other money, of theirs and sending it to the club to build this cause and its voice.
I've said it once and I'll say it again, are you really dedicated to our southern movement or are you just JAFO'S, A JAFO means, Just Another Fucking Observer.

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