Saturday, January 7, 2017

It is true , the saying Walmart Fall apart certainly applies and the Disney Channel is collapsing due to stupid

When it comes to quality long lasting merchandise don't look for that quality at your neighborhood Walmart. That junk that they import from China, does not last. Example, bought some winter shoes that are supposed to be top of the line, just under the generic Walmart brand name. Guess what, already falling apart, plus whoever stocked the shoelaces must not have too much schooling, since they are way too long for the shoe. Is anybody at Walmart employees using their minds? Of course appliances are not much better or auto tools like battery chargers. Sure you pay out the rear for it, but the instructions are written in Mexican. When it comes to Mexicans I don't care if they come here through proper channels, just learn to speak English or at very least southern English. Likewise read our dialect. In any  case if your selling something that requires using the instructions Walmart and whoever made it should make it to where Americans can understand it. 
Okay then, Last night viewed one of the last episodes of Girl Meet World on the Disney channel. In my opinion Disney has shot themselves in the foot. The fan following Girl Meets World is not just the kids, older adults that watched Boy Meets World as youths themselves like myself can identify. Yet in the effort to reduce Disney Channel, to ashes, to enable ABC-TV sibling as well as ESPN that's going broke due to reduced viewership, is killing its best shows on its home channel the Disney Channel. If it hasn't been already cancelled watch KC Undercover, as well as some others get the axe. No The Disney Channel would rather put on reruns of Miley Cirus. That's what we need is young girls taking that example, and growing up to be outright sluts, and dress up in a plastic costume that looks like a Band Aide. I started watching the Disney Channel back in 2012. Before that I skipped over it. Back then there was good stuff on there Wizards of Waverly Place, wit Selena Gomez. Then came Jessie, Austin and Alley, and others. Quality shows that were aimed at tweens and yet had enough adult content so parents could watch and get something out of it. I started watching to keep up on the vibe of Disney as our radio station in the Mini Cassia Idaho area had become a Radio Disney Station. Shows like Shake It Up, and Good Luck Charley. 
But if you saw the fan sneek of Girl Meets World, last night and saw how blue those fans were, you can bet many of those fans will not be taking vacations on Disney Cruise Lines or buying product from Disney. 
Last this morning, I want to compliment our Texas Sister, her contribution to the treasury arrived yesterday, and two day prior, The Rebel Pillow, something tells me this year is going to be much better than the previous. 
Much more later this afternoon, but this high octane canine of the Interstate needs shut eye.


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