Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dixie Nation / IKT report

Morning to ya'll on a still very fridgid Tuesday. Still juggling financials, both myself and our Texas Angel are a bit tapped not just a bit, but very tapped. Oh don't get me wrong the Knytes are intact, and solvent thing is we're just starting to climb out a tossed financial river of 2015/16. When I set things up with our Texas Angel, we really had a good direction, but then two of our officers in charge of such things as money for the Knytes, died. One in the air, and one not too far from here. With cleaning up the money path from mid year 2016, and the attorney's tapping most everything in Texas, the year did not start well. The old saying of, if your going to dance you gotta pay the fiddler, and we are, but it does not leave much in the way of extra ciricular money. For the last 4 months, since SheWolf stumbled on her payment with NO fault of her own, but that of some pay card she has with holding money from her and thus the Club, I have been snagging $300.00 from two different fast cash pay day advance places here. Usually if I can get to it before they do on Payday I'm okay, but that hasn't been the usual. Plus $120.00 each month for the carrier service for HazzardAyre Radio, plus my computer working by a breath and a prayer, can't be consistent with HazzardAyre, means no ad revenue and thus spinning in the mud without any traction. If that wasn't enough, I'm paying roughly $300.00 a month in Internet/Cable fees, and no I don't get anywhere near what I'm paying for. Heck I remember in Utah, at Comcast, we were getting right at 150mbps down and 100mbps up, and only were paying $130.00 a month. Even in Idaho I wasn't paying this much. Makes you wonder why and I do appreciate them , but why AllWest, ran fiber optic, out Wasatch and out Yellow Creek Road, but couldn't find their way to run same out to where I'm at on west Highway 150. With 4 living complexes, one huge office complex and a big firehouse, you'd think the gurus, at AllWest would run out fiber optic here. It hasn't happened, and most likely wont even long after I get transplanted back to Twin falls Idaho come spring. No matter what excuse they give, I don't get, and ain't it funny? So when our Texas Angel was doing these pillows and all, my brain thought, hey collectables of the Club and cause. Sell em for roughly $100.00 or so a piece, take out the costs and split the rest between her and the Club, notice here, that I don't get one cent of it. As for me, every month out of a mere, $735.00 plus odd change from the Club, but as a general rule, split between myself and SheWolf, there's a tad over $1,400.00 a month. When I pay my child support of $400.00, shop rent (club pays utilities for shop) of $750.00, $120.00 for the distribution of HazzardAyre, and my rent for my domicile and utilities including cable/internet, I have left right at maybe $50.00 left over. This does not allow much free money. So anything extra coming in helps. Our nation is undergoing a great time of change. Some good, some bad and a lot of in between. The dream, of sitting on the porch on a quiet day, watching the wild critters do their thing is over. Good memory, but still its all but over. Our nation is in a quandry of the rich get, the poor suffer and the in between have no clue. The Knytes and I are in the no clue point. Sure there are places and all that what the Knytes are doing might germinate faster, and where there's more manure to spread on it. Etown Wyoming ain't the place. Would I love to skin and cut out the innerds of the guy who conned me to come here in the first place? Yes. Would I love to have the $500.00 plus for all the rent I spent on a dog house out on the Wyoming desert that even one LDS Bishop said he wouldn't house a dog in? Yes. Do I wish I could get that $500.00 plus back? Yes but hell yes, and does the township of Etown owe me a refund for even trying? Hell yes. Will I ever get that? No, but it'd be nice. But heck Etown's city council treasury is so broak, it can't pay much if anything at all. One of my associates at Coldwell Banker yesterday said he'd have us up and running. Okay , great. How about coughing up serious cash to make it happen. Sure in Twin Falls, Idaho or even Utah, things were costly, the difference is you can make it back and with a profit. Here in Etown its just always pouring money in, not much if any return on that investment. 
I'll be back later this afternoon. As for this morning, after smacking myself in the jaw with a jack handle, and a half pint of Jack and Perocet , I'm not firing too well this morning. 
But I need to make a notation here before I go, for a Operations Director had to go out of state(Texas Angel), Wife, out of state(SheWolf), on air aid and tech, out of state(Cody), the only thing as far as HazzardAyre is concerned that I got locally was when our LDS Ward Bishop, spent ward money to fetch the radio gear from Woods Cross Utah, and haul it here to Etown. If you were faced with my odds, would you stay? As it is come June if not before, this old Wolf and all is going home to Idaho, I'm tired of it. 


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