Friday, January 13, 2017

Life from behind the steering wheel as felt by the seat of the pants

Yesterday afternoon I experienced the Blue Screen of Death. After a night of pure hell of engineering its back up. At first I thought its a low amount of RAM 185, but nope that twas not it. So after two 5 hour scans plus a virus scan no problem. At least I thought. So I go to fix a comment from some little twit that I was chatting with about doing some pinup girl work, last March on our Knytes of Anarchy group on Facebook. Guess what my friends, group page wont open. Accident? I don't think so. I've never been a real big fan of Facebook, oh granted when Zuckerburg first created the dang thing it might have been good, but his escalation to power along with a small Army of hardly dry behind the ears college people both boys and girls couldn't blow their nose if you gave them a box of dynamite. They may say they haven't took down a group page, but I would think the little fart knockers might send you a notice saying so. Hold on this gets better, I remember when I first signed up with Facebook I used our Msn Hotmail account to sign up. Which was kidnapped and hijacked by some seatcover by the name of Stevie Sternwald. I started getting all kinds of strange emails. So I restarted Facebook, with our AyreWolf email addy, and up to now, there has been no big problems. There are times I think, that while Facebook doesn't say so, they'd rather You pay them for content that borders an outright advertisement. The TOS of Facebook says your not supposed to do that, but of course they do. Even one of the locale eating establishments here in Evanston, does that. Maybe they pay Facebook, most likely not, but why pick on the Knytes? Is it that we have a Dixie battle flag? Thing is the KOA is not a copy of anyone, or anything. Yet oops, we might have racy pics on there, but hey guess what, I can show you a half dozen groups and pages that have hot women with bikes,rods,trucks and more , but hey that's okay. Maybe its time I take that trip to Palo Alto California with a baseball bat and smack somebody upside the head. 
Stay tuned,

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