Monday, January 2, 2017

Wolf Howlin, can people really act like a wolf?

Can infact people, act like Wolves in public? Example; if you walk up to someone and greeting them, instead of a handshake or such you sniffed their butt just like a Wolf would do especially a alpha female wolf to see if she's in season. But could people do that?> What would be the result? Cops called I can see, and a sexual or physical assault charge , question is why? If its good enough for our canine counterparts, why not the human species? Humans are also way off in their assesment of wolves. First although having features of a canine, the wolf is a more refined and of a higher in the chain than dogs, coyotes or foxes. In fact nothing upsets a Wolf than a coyote. Second Wolves are not solitary mammals as legend would tell you, in fact a wolf loves to be around other wolves. They do not like dogs, very much and once trusted by a wolf a human can make a wolf a pet with above loyalty. Can people be that way? Watching over each other, being extremely loyal, and trusting? Wouldn't it be keen if our species could be that of the Wolf? Here in the Wolf Pack both Rode(road) and Ayre(air) Wolvez we work at that image and yes we look over and watch over our own. Of the 125,000 members nation wide our Wolf Pack, gets things done more than most so called civic and fraternal organizations. 
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