Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I hate taking medications, but with type 2 diabetes I have to

I truly hate having to take medications. There you are dreaming of a new tow truck, or that dream girl from TV and your buzzer goes off in the middle of the night telling you, its time to get up and take your meds. The condition is type 2 diabetes. If meds are not taken on time, you A1C rises making you really dizzy, the next is your glucose numbers hit the 250 range, and if not reversed you could die. You you wake up, stagger into the front room take your little containers with you meds, get some coffee or Dewshine, and in 15 minutes you just medicated yourself. That Metformin not only looks like a horse pill, but tastes terrible, and because you had to take your Goody's powders for your heart to thin your blood so it don't clot, so your up for at least 3 hours while you watch that stale TV movie, or the Disney Channel. And while monitoring that with your ears you check out your email, and your Facebook news feed. Welcome to my world.
Okay then, something the Club is doing is something we haven't done since Rigby. Go out this summer with some of the hottest honeys and photograph them with some of the hottest, most classiest old style old skool tow truck, roll backs and of course OTR rigs. Once produced, the thing will be released in January of 2018. The title of the event is Classy Hookers&Haulers. Reason? Fund raiser for the Club. This looking for donations from a bunch of deadbeats and all just takes too much of my time. Outside of my SheWolf, and Sister from Texas, thinking that anybody else is going to jump up to donate for the cause, or the radio gig, and all is a dream or as my son mike used to say, a true mission impossible. 
Anyway gotta get up at 08:00 to go give Gordon money for the shop, so I'm outta here.
But damn I hate taking medications. 

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