Sunday, January 8, 2017

At what point during a domestic brawl can you just say shut the hell up?

So just about 15 minutes shy of news time, SheWolf calls, and yes once again its Hazzard County scrap of the night. Of course it had to do with the accusing and all of this old, bald headed and chubby male Alpha Wolf, bedding anything and all Beta wolvez that will take me on. Since I met SheWolf, although there has been a few rare occassions, that I could have, I have not stepped out on SheWolf once. Nor had the desire to, although here lately that affection is decreasing dramatically . Who would blame me. There's just so much trauma , mentally and other ways that the body can handle. In this case its mental as my nerves are about fizzled. What little we have in common, with her getting the right amount of counseling the thing just might work, as it is, it'll be a near repeat of last year. Its the case of as she said, nobody here likes her, excuse me , she needs to get out and meet people, get to know some of the Ladies of the Knytes, that are part of the club and women I do business with for and because of HCC. You can't just hibernate inside a cave and expect to meet and greet people. Even go to Church . Dave's wife Mary, would be happy to introduce SheWolf to thae various ladies of the Relief Society. Then came the insulting of the Club, yes there may be a few MC's out there that don't know the Knytes, but then the Knytes are not just an MC. The Knytes are more of a anything that burns fuel that has tires and/or wings. Along with being a organization dedicated to all things Dixie. 
At which time , I just about had it and after about 10 times I just said shut up. Then I hung up the phone, that she called back twice. Of all the things in life you don't do around me is insult LexiBelle
 and the Knytes 
 Those are the two things I hold most dear followed by 
 Insult those and its adios Tuits . Of course there's the struggle of hers understanding just whose boss here. I'm alpha wolf , she's SheWolf, in the Wolf Pack, the SheWolf never tells the male alpha wolf what to do. I know there's the human condition that says men are controlled by women. This old Wolf refuses to be pussy whipped. The trouble here is a man and woman being alone and one being independent(me) for so long that anyone coming in as a live in, becomes an invader, rather that a sought of life mate. 
So as I close here tonight, at what point in a domestic brawl, can you just say, Tuits, shut the hell up? 


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